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raw diet

  1. Trying to Find the Truth in Raw Feeding

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi there! So I'm going to try to make this as short as I possibly can but... It will probably still end up being long and drawn out lol.. I have two Boston Terrier pups, one is a puppy, the other is a juvenile. Their health is of the utmost importance to me, and food is especially important for...
  2. Switched to raw for 5lb chihuahua, seeing immediate results???

    Dog Food Forum
    Today I started my Chihuahua, Daphne, on Natures Variety Raw Instinct, after reading that the sodium content and preservatives in commercial kibble can have a greater negative effect on Chihuahuas vs. larger dogs, because of their size. I've had her for a little over three weeks, and...
  3. 101 questions about Omega 3's and fish oil

    Dog Health Questions
    Like with most things when it comes to my dogs heath/nutrition i'm sure i'm over thinking this all. I recently put my dog one of those prepared ground raw diets that requires the addition of an Omega 3 supplement to be complete. It's been about 2 weeks, and thus far I've been feeding 3 meals...
  4. Should I Switch To A Raw Food Diet?

    General Dog Forum
    I currently feed my dogs Honest in the mornings and then cook for them at night (usually chicken or turkey for meat). I've recently been giving alot of thought into switching to raw food at night. I know there is alot of controversy over this topic - some of which is mentioned in this blog...
  5. Mom of 2 raw fed Dobes :)

    Attention All New Members
    Hi group! I joined to get some advice and guidance on feeding raw. I have a 4mo. old dobie bitch named Shiloh and a 3yr old dog named Ruger. I've never started a puppy this young on raw and struggling a bit with ratios. Hoping some of you with more experience can help me out! I would greatly...
  6. Papillon Eating Raw?

    Dog Food Forum
    Alright, so after thinking about it, I would actually be interested in learning about raw for my Papillon. While I still can't see how commercial foods can be horrible for you dog, I do think he would enjoy eating raw. I think it would be fun for the both of us, but on the other hand I'm worried...
  7. How soon can you introduce raw to a puppy?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi Everyone, I will be getting a Frenchie pup in August :whoo: and I need some advice on when to start raw and what protien to start with. In the past I have always used Natures Variety Instinct patties for our Mastiff who passed about a year ago at 15 years old so I am a huge believer in raw...
  8. Hello fellow dog lovers!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi Everybody :wave: My name is Samantha, I live Clarkston, Mi and work for Stik.com in the Madison Building in Detroit. I will soon be the proud mother of a Cream French Bulldog to be named Gunther (a nod to my love of the show Friends) Gunther is currently a "bun in the oven" to his mother...
  9. Raw Diet for 3.5 lb Yorkie

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi everyone, I have been reading through a bunch of the raw diet threads and I can't believe I didn't research it sooner! I was thinking of getting another dog as a companion for my Yorkie so I started looking at the dog forums, and now I am here :) Anyways, I bought some Nature's Variety...
  10. Jack Lalanne -- Raw Diet Endorser!

    Dog Food Forum
    Since he just died recently, people have been talking about the guy who basically invented the modern concept of 'fitness' and healthy living. Apparently, he also was a raw feeder, back before it was 'cool'! RIP Jack Lalanne, he was really a guy ahead of his time!
  11. Help with raw feeding

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi there! Just joined this forum, which is one of my resources on raw feeding. Good info. My partner and I are newbies at raw feeding (literally started a week ago) and we're not sure our three dogs are transitioning "normally". We've got a Chihuahua (who is bigger than most Chihuahuas), mini...