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  1. RIP Blackie, Aged 14

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Lost my furbaby of 14 years last week, so I’m feeling pretty sad. This dog was there for the majority of my life so far. The days when I’d come home upset because of bullies at school, he was there wagging his tail and making me cheer up. Rough breakups? He was there to cuddle and listen. From...
  2. My dog possibly perished in a "suspicious" kennel fire...PLEASE HELP

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, My name is Lee and I owned two Chihuahua dogs. A female, Rio, 3 years old, and her little brother (they were born 3 weeks apart), Sydney, also 3 years old. Sydney is a "Special Needs" dog, as he is exhibits horrible behavior. I do not know why. He snaps at people & animals; he will bite...