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  1. help, desperate first time mother

    Attention All New Members
    Besides the spaying surgery infection, she also has a swelled up stomach. (swelling looks like balls within her). As well as a blue dissolving stitch sticking out of her. Its been 22 days since the surgery and she still has complications. She eats, pees, poops, eats, drinks right but i'm just...
  2. Help! I Need a 'Waste Station' for our backyard! DIY Project!!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all! Looking for a solution to a particular problem, hoping you can help me or direct me to a DIY that can! I live in a multiple tenant household. We have a nice big backyard. But we also have four dogs in all. Needless to say, things add up fast, so we're all trying to pick up our doggie's...
  3. Anyone else experience this?

    General Dog Forum
    At home, my boyfriend and I both have the habit of not closing the door when we use the restroom for some reason:redface:. So when our 4 month old Yorkie sees one of us go into the restroom, he pokes his head in, and when we finish, he goes to his potty pad and pees or poos. This happens almost...
  4. Puppy keeps peeing on fabric

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey so finally I am actually posting on this site instead of just reading. I have a problem and I can't figure out how to fix it. I have a 4.5 month old boxer/pit/collie/mystery mix who I adopted almost 2 months ago from a really bad rescue. She came to me really sick and infested with...
  5. Dog suddenly refusing down command

    Dog Training Forum
    My lab mix puppy will be six months next week. We have been working on private/group training since she was 14 weeks or so. Up until this week she has been extremely easy to train and very food motivated. All of the sudden at basic obedience school graduation a few nights ago she started...
  6. Buying my First Dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi, I want to buy a new Dog.Following are my requirements Climate-tropical monsoonal climate Size-Large(like the german sheperd) Activity-I can play with the dog everyday when iam home,but since i need to stay at a different place for job soon after a few months,my dad will take care of it-...
  7. Interested in getting a dog soon

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I've never owned a pet before. But lived with a poodle for 3 months. I am searcing for a puppy/young dog. There is this dog I like, but my friends (who all have dogs) tell me that they would never pay that much for the dog I'm interested in. The owner doesn't know what breed it is, but...
  8. New Puppy Questions - Is there something I'm missing?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    This may be a silly question, but I figure it's better to ask it than to not know... I'm new to puppy training and so I'm basically just wondering if there is anything I'm missing from our new routine, or anything I should be doing but am not, or something I'm doing wrong. Any advice or...
  9. Luxating Patella Surgery (Floating Knee)

    Dog Health Questions
    Our dogs aren't getting the surgery, but we just want to know more about it. :redface: So I know about the grades, that it's common in small dogs, and why dogs need this surgery sometimes. But, I want to talk to people with dogs that have had this surgery.
  10. Question about dog breed

    Dog Pictures Forum
    hey i was wondering if anyone knows what breed this dog is ? i think hes 1 month old and he looks close to a rottweiler or a german shepherd but im not 100% sure. so if anyone has any idea, it would be helpful :)
  11. Unsure if my dog is doxie-pin (pictures)

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone I've had my dog for about 2 years now. I adopted him after his previous family tried to get rid of him. He was very thin, scared, and shy when i first brought him home after a few days of TLC he became this little beam of sunshine. He is exactly what I imagine a toddler to be like...
  12. HELP!! What are these skin lesions on my pup!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello all, I am new to this website and i appreciate all your help in advance. We have a 6month old lab mix that we rescued from a shelter. She had on or two of these spots on her right elbow when we first got her, now it has gotten worse (picture below). I am not sure what it is and if I...
  13. Has anyone seen or owned a Shiba Inu and Pug mixed breed?

    General Dog Forum
    As per the title of this post, my Shiba Inu sired a liter of pups with a Pug dame. I'm curious to see if anyone has any info on the following: 1. How they look when they're older 2. Temperament 3. Price paid (if purchased from a private party) As of now, the pups are only a day old. Noticeable...
  14. Any guesses as to breed?

    General Dog Forum
    I adopted a puppy and we arent sure what his breed is. I was wondering if anyone could maybe make some guesses to what kind of mix he is?
  15. Why do dogs feel they have to eat grass?

    General Dog Forum
    I remember the dogs I had while growing up would eat grass and then throw it up a few minutes later! Our pup is starting to chew on grass while on walks and even LOVES getting large wet clumps of freshly mowed grass into her mouth. Why do they do they feel they have to eat grass?
  16. Curiouse dog injury question

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I'm 14 and i was curious. I know dogs have 4 claws on their paw, and 1 on their calf. For my dog, I'm pretty sure we got her nail there removed when she was a puppy. Anyway, it looks that in that spot there's an infection or a bug bite type thing. Anyway here's a picture...
  17. sympathy card from vet ??

    General Dog Forum
    :rolleyes: Ok, so I get this sympathy card from my vet's office. Some say I am making a big deal out of it, but I don't think so. The card looks like it was written as a generic responce. This bothers me. It does not have my name on it nor my dogs name, it looks to have been written by the...