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  1. Freeze-dried Raw Food mixed with Kibble?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello all! Happy hump day :) So I have a question... I have my 2 boys, and one of them seems to be experiencing allergies which have been causing him some gnarly ear infections. We've been to the vet and he's on medication to get rid of his current infection but while I was there I was talking...
  2. Help! Too many foods!

    Dog Food Forum
    There are so many dog foods and feeding schedules and whatnot out there that it is so overwhelming! I need advice! So, my dog -80lb Choc Lab used to be on 4health Salmon (Tractor Supply Brand.) I had him on the Chicken but he would randomly get picky with the food and he has pretty itchy skin...
  3. Nutro, bottom line, safe or not?

    Dog Food Forum
    I am sure most people here have heard about the Nutro dog food complaints that have been going around since 2012 or before. Of course every company has complaints against it, but many people believe Nutro in essentially poison. There was a rumor of an FDA investigation into Nutro but the FDA...
  4. About our products:

    Big Paws Inc
    All of our leather goods have been handcrafted out of various types of high quality leathers. We purposely stay away from any sort of composite leathers and other similar cheap materials used to make most of the collars found on today’s market. At Big-Paws.com we take pride in providing you...
  5. How much $$ to feed your pets??

    Dog Food Forum
    I have two animals. A 20lb calico cat and my 8 month old Shar Pei Gus. The Cat gets Orijen and eats 5.5lbs a month. It costs $25 a month. Gus is on a raw diet. The foundation to that diet is a chicken/organ/bone/vegetable mix that we purchase from our local organic meat co-op. We buy 50lbs at...