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  1. What dog breed is right for me?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello there dog forums, I am new here so sorry for any mistakes or errors. After Months of deciding if I was ready for a dog, I have decided I am ready. But I am facing a new dilemma. What dog breed is right for me? After trying tons of dog selector quizzes, I have chose to come to you guys...
  2. 10 Week Old Mini Aussie Crate Training help

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I got a Mini Aussie, we named him Brooks, about two weeks ago now and I’ve been having the hardest time crate training him, he goes in and starts whining and barking so loud it’s just so much it makes me almost feel bad he’s in there. I have a roommate who works nights and during the day...
  3. Purchased dog now owner wants it back

    General Dog Forum
    I purchased a new puppy for my family one week ago(Saturday) .. I purchased the dog off a Craigslist ad(which I still have screen shot of the ad even though the owner deleted it).. and paid $500 for the dog with receipt. I’ve now spent well over $800 for the dog with vet visits for shots...
  4. Puppy biting and seperation anxiety

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone - first time poster here. We recently adopted a kelpie x ACD from a shelter at 8 weeks. He's very clever and was able to pick up basic commands like sit, down, stay, lie and spin very easily. He's very confident and friendly with people and other dogs. He is now 13 weeks old. He is...
  5. Crate?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I bought this crate but I’m not sure if it’s big enough. Seems kinda tight.
  6. German Shepherd puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello I came across someone trying to sell a half short/half long haired German Shepherd puppies for $700. They’ve been dewormed but no shots. Puppies are 9 weeks old. This seems fishy to me. Is that a normal price and situation?
  7. 10 week old puppy, growling and snapping at daughter. I am worried.

    General Dog Forum
    We have a 10 week old shepherd mix puppy. We have only had her about a week. We also have a 5 year old shepherd/doberman (THE BEST DOG). The new puppy, plays fine - does her normal puppy biting and play growling. But if the puppy is doing something she shouldn't or laying down and my...
  8. Spaying

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello! I have a 4 month old Chihuahua Australian Terrier Mix. She weighs around 6 pounds and is 4 months. We’re on quarantine right now so I can’t go asking any vets questions otherwise I would have, but what age is the best age to get a pup spayed? 6 months? (Of course I won’t actually taking...
  9. Can't get puppy (approx. 9 weeks) to stop biting legs and clothes

    Dog Training Forum
    My grandparents recently got a queensland heeler mix puppy, named Buck. Buck won't stop attacking feet and legs when excited, biting and nipping and barking incessently. He also jumps and bites onto clothes and tugs on them. I assume he has no proper outlet for his energy, as my grandparents got...
  10. Puppy getting more unruly, going after feet

    Dog Training Forum
    Let me start by saying I am not looking for a long-term solution, as this is not my animal; my wife and I live with my grandparents and we are moving soon (two states away). My grandparents recently got a queensland heeler mix puppy (against the advice I gave them to get an older dog) named...
  11. My pug puppy lived through distemper. There is still hope.

    Dog Health Questions
    I am posting this because when I was looking for hope on the internet less than a month ago, there was very little to be found. If you are searching for answers because your fur child has been diagnosed with canine distemper, I am not a veterinarian so this is only my experience, but I am here...
  12. My puppy suddenly won’t sleep through the night.

    Dog Training Forum
    Help! I have a 6 month old shih tzu puppy, who suddenly won’t sleep through the night. When I first adopted him at 10 weeks, he wouldn’t sleep during the night at all. Normal for that age, I know. I finally managed to get him crate trained and he began to sleep 8 or more hours through the...
  13. Dog is aggressive when she doesn’t get her way

    Dog Training Forum
    My family has just gotten two young female chihuahuas. I am new to owning dogs but my partner is not. He has been able to train the dogs to do basic commands like sit and roll over. However, one of them is particularly aggressive towards her sister and towards us. She will attack his sister out...
  14. Simba the chow insta @proudsimba

    Simba the chow insta @proudsimba

  15. Dingos in Arizona???

    General Dog Forum
    Hello and thanks for taking a peek at my thread! :) Towards the end of January, I happened across a very young pup (6 weeks old max) roaming a vast desert area of Southern Arizona; I live in an extremely rural town with little human activity - basically farm land and open desert with a small...
  16. mouth wound smells bad

    Dog Health Questions
    My 10 week puppy got bit inside her mouth 2 days ago, it bled quite a lot and she lost one tooth. she is now eating solid food and is back on her happy self but her mouth smells terrible! i could smell that particular smell only a few hours after she got bit but i thought it was the smell of...
  17. Urgent pottie training

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! My family and I recently bought a new 9 week old F1 Goldendoodle puppy named Dahlia. Anyways, she had been doing well with going outside to go to the bathroom until the next few days where she would go to the bathroom every 30 minutes instead of 1 hour and eventually she has so go out...
  18. 15 week frenchie broke her leg advice

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, My wonderful cute french bull dog who is only 6.6lb (below the growth curves for her breed) fell of the bed. I went to grab her when she got to close to the edge and she thought that meant play so she scooted back and fell off the bed backwards. I took her to the vet ER immediately they...
  19. Puppy Terrified of the City!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My 4 month old puppy Boh is absolutely petrified by the city. We live in the heart of the city and I also bring him to work with me (my office is also in the city). He can barely stand going outside where he can hear any cars. Alleys and parks are fine but walking him to and from work is a...
  20. My Petique Pet

    My Petique Pet