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puppy training advice

  1. Has Anybody Tried This For Your Pet?

    General Dog Forum
    So me and the wife were looking around for dog training to do at home with our new husky, and we came across this program to do at home called Brain Training. Has anybody else tried this before? We’d like to know before purchasing. Thanks here’s the link we found...
  2. feedback & recommendations dog trainer in the Montréal Québec region?

    Attention All New Members
    Hey, I just got a puppy and was wondering if anyone had some feedback & recommendations on local dog trainers in and around the Montréal region. I thought I'd ask here, before calling and trying out dog trainers & possibly wasting time and money.
  3. Tips for Training my puppy

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! I am new to training young puppies, and need some suggestions. I have a 10 week old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, and am ready to start training him things such as sit, drop etc. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Things to do vs. to avoid? I have heard training and mental...
  4. HELP! Puppy needs SERIOUS training!

    Dog Training Forum
    Now, I'm not sure if you saw my first post about how it made my Simba seem so sweet and perfect. Don't get me wrong, he's adorable, and oh so sweet! But he needs training, and fast. Simba is a 6 month old Pomeranian Puppy, he is so sweet and loving. He has never purposefully hurt or growled at...
  5. Hi There

    Attention All New Members
    I have never used a forum before but I'm desperate for help in correcting some behavior issues with my puppy before he gets to big for me to handle. I have trained puppies before but never ran into this issue. Also he is a new breed for me. He is 3/4 Great Dane 1/4 Shepard. He throws tantrums...
  6. dog potty training on CBS talk show

    Piddle Place
    Check out this talk show on how to help save a shelter dog, and allow your pet comfort and dignity with an indoor pet potty Best indoor pet potty Thanks to Humane Ohio for allow us to help find homes for these beautiful puppies Kathy
  7. What to do indoors. Regarding puppy house training.

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm curious about what to do about house training a puppy when you're indoors and they potty. I've heard two sides and don't know which I should do. I've heard of disciplining them for when they potty indoors. And I've also heard to not do anything when they potty indoors and to just reward for...
  8. Puppy leash training- am I doing it wrong?

    Dog Training Forum
    There are moments of brilliance when he walks right next to me, but other times, when he wants to wander away from me, and sniff stuff, etc. I have watched many Youtube videos on how to train walking on a leash without pulling. Stop moving, sometimes turn the other direction, bring him back...
  9. Help! Puppy is scared to go outside!

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 7 month old golden retriever puppy who has recently developed a fear of going outside. He has always been scared of noises and large objects, but now he refuses to leave the house. He does not want to go to the bath room and will hold it for hours. We have tried treats, ignoring his...
  10. Puppy seems impossible to train..

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi there, 5 weeks ago I adopted a 10 week old female shepard lab mix. Her previous owner clearly did not care for the litter and made no effort to train her puppies as she was severely underweight and has NO house training whatsoever (she does not understand puppy pads and eats newspaper). Since...
  11. Hello From Los Angeles!

    Attention All New Members
    We're expecting our new puppy -- a Rhodesian Ridgeback -- in a few months. She (most likely, it will be a girl) will be 8-9 weeks old when we get her. I will be the primary caregiver and alpha female. We'd appreciate any general or breed-specific advice on just about every topic related to a...
  12. Need Help With Puppy Training

    Dog Training Forum
    Dear Dog Lover: I know that you’re time is valuable, so i’ll get right to the point. I'm looking for your advice. I’m putting the finishing touches on a new video series called How to overcome training your frist puppy. I want to make sure that i don’t leave anything out. So will you let me...
  13. Puppy training advice- what to do

    Dog Training Forum
    Now! You look at your beautiful young puppy and you are thinking how you are going to have a fun feel loving experience with your puppy, but forgetting one thing” puppy training advice”. You must give your dog a good training advice for him to be able to behave well and nicely. You have to be...