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puppy toilet training
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    Hi, I have a gorgeous little shi tzu who up until recently has been house trained and toilet trained, but in this last week has had numerous daily 'accidents' and its driving me crazy! He's had a couple of poos inside (which he does in secret, and always the same spot) and multiple pees each day...
  2. Piddle Place
    too funny.....unless it's your dog :redface:
  3. Attention All New Members
    Hi all I wanted to just introduce my self. I'm rani from UK n I've now bought a lab X roti girl only 8 weeks old. I'd like some tips on how to train her, as ever time I do the basics before saying sits she sits down n before saying stand she's up. My last dog was a alsation X dober n was trained...
  4. Attention All New Members
    Hello everybody I really would like some advice to toilet train my 5 month old cavalier king charles spaniel. I tried to crate train her with a reasonably sized pen which worked! She was holding her toilet until i took her out and started to understand to go to the door or tell us that she...
1-4 of 4 Results