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  1. Advice on my Chihuahua (Female Rescue)

    Attention All New Members
    Hi. My name is Krista. About a month ago my family and I adopted a 1 yr old female Chihuahua. She was rescued from a Puppy Mill and had been at the shelter for about 4 months. They told us she was partially housebroken, spayed, only ate wet food. She is perfectly healthy, has a full coat and...
  2. Petland? Puppy Mills?

    General Dog Forum
    The closest Pet Land near me is Pet Land, Deerfield Beach. I've been there before and I saw with my own eyes a puppy that had a strange cough and other puppies that didn't look too good. I don't know how to go about getting them shut down/getting the puppies to safer places, good homes, etc. I...
  3. Keystone Puppies Stands Behind All Puppies Sold Through Their Website!!

    General Dog Forum
    I want to start by apologizing for closing the last thread. I am new to this site and did not realize I did that. The only reason I started a thread was to help the user who stated that they got a sick puppy through our website. We stand behind every puppy that is sold through our website and I...
  4. Keystone Puppies is a Puppy Mill!

    General Dog Forum
    I had a horrible time with Keystone Puppies. I got a dog and it is sick all the time and I am pretty sure we will end up losing her. How can someone find a good breeder these days?
  5. Puppy milll bust?

    General Dog Forum
    Just found out about this going down here in TX a few days ago. http://www.myfoxlubbock.com/mostpopular/story/Alphatex-Kennels-Floyd-County-dogs-puppy-mill/wlkO306AmkmPrlmFnkiQ_w.cspx Interestingly, the owners are fighting back and saying they are not a puppy mill...
  6. Experience with Shelter Puppies?

    Dog Rescue Forum
    We're adopting a poodle mix (possibly a cockapoo) from our local shelter. She's 8 months old (they think), and when we were playing with her in the play-yard she seemed really sweet, and friendly, but still ran around and had fun. When other dogs were barking at her she didn't bark back, but...
  7. Feeling overwhelmed with my dogs ....need some help with training

    Dog Training Forum
    I foster, rehome and rescue dogs and cats. I currently have 3 small breed dogs that each have varying degree's of issues as a result of their life experiences (puppy mill female that is submissive, abandoned stray that is a dominant female, abused abandoned senior male dog that is dominant)...
  8. No haters please! I need advice!

    General Dog Forum
    My family and I had been looking for a standard poodle for a while at the Humane Society and the Homeward Bound organization with no luck so I began searching Craigslist for one--I KNOW THIS IN FROWNED APON! I found Frank at the top of the list(before it got flagged probably by a breeder? ) The...
  9. Violently Itchy French Bulldog

    Dog Health Questions
    My parents friend's dog has an intense skin/allergy condition and he is constantly, violently scratching himself. He will rub his face against a carpet until he bleeds and has rubbed his belly and paws raw and hairless. He is in constant discomfort, to the point where he cannot relax to fall...
  10. Potty-training a puppy mill survivor

    Dog Training Forum
    I adopted a 4-year-old female Miniature Pinscher from a shelter last Tuesday. I am pretty sure that she was a breeder at a puppy mill. In the five days that I've had her, she hasn't peed or pooed outside once, even though I've been following all of the rules for a puppy mill dog--walking her...