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  1. Loose Stool in Puppy

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey all, my puppy, Maggie, is about 4 months and she's a pitbull-border collie mix. I've noticed recently - although I don't think this is a recent problem as I had vaguely noticed it before - that her stool is very soft and smells horrible. Her gas has the same smell, and both are a horrible...
  2. How soon can you introduce raw to a puppy?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi Everyone, I will be getting a Frenchie pup in August :whoo: and I need some advice on when to start raw and what protien to start with. In the past I have always used Natures Variety Instinct patties for our Mastiff who passed about a year ago at 15 years old so I am a huge believer in raw...
  3. Puppy won't eat, doesn't seem sick just very skinny

    Dog Health Questions
    My sisters 8 month old puppy won't eat. He drinks loads of water, seems otherwise fine I.e. not lethargic, vet check up reveals nothing but he's very skinny. She's had him for about 4 weeks before that he was in a kennel for a month he hasn't been a big eater since she got him but it's getting...