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puppy crying

  1. Need advice on future possible night crying

    Dog Training Forum
    So I will be bringIng home my first shiba inu puppy in a few weeks, I’m no stranger to owning dogs of many breeds so I’m not so worried about training in general. What I am worried about is the possibility of her crying loudly at night, when I brought home my first husky he scream cried at night...
  2. New member, new puppy, need help with crying!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I'm a first time dog mom (though I grew up with family pets) and the proud owner of a 10 week old male Maltipoo puppy named Loki. He has only been with me for a week or so, but I want to make sure I handle things right from the get-go instead of trying to fix mistakes I'm making 6 months-1...
  3. Need advice please!

    Dog Training Forum
    I am in need of all the help and advice I can get! I recently got a new "Dorkie" puppy named Gus! He is 11 weeks old. We have had him now for 3 weeks. My problem is I am afraid since he has been here for 3 weeks that anything I do will traumatize him if I change his surroundings. But...
  4. Puppy cries in crate.

    Dog Training Forum
    My new puppy:wave:, Max;12 weeks; Shih Tzu, cries every time we put him in his crate when we go to bed. Do you just leave him in there? We have to put him in his crate because he is not house or potty trained. The breeder we bought him from had him go to the bathroom on a towel and he is not...