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  1. Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I am new to this and I have read a few of the posts on crate training but am still unsure what i need to do... I have a 5month old Cocker Spaniel male, I got a crate for him and introduced it to him from day 1 when i brought him home, he has never been afraid to go inside, but when i use...
  2. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi all, In in the process of talking to breeders to get my first puppy (Havanese) and my wife and i are very excited but i need a little advice. I spoke to a prospective breeder last week that turned me down because she didnt like that my wife and I have full-time jobs and neither of us worked...
  3. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi there people. I was walking home last night and saw a puppy sleeping on the street. It looks healthy and cute but his fur was a little dirty. I took it home and bought some puppy food in can. I think she's just about a month old or less(not really sure though). After feeding it, it pooped and...
1-3 of 3 Results