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puppy behaviour

  1. Puppy goes absolutely crazy in the evenings!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone, this is Ezra, my 9 and a half week old East European shepherd. I'm having some trouble getting her calm in the evenings! For some reason, at some point past 8pm, she starts going absolutely wild. Growling, biting, lunging, running around. I've done a lot of research and I'm very...
  2. Best indoor puppy potty.

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    We love it when customers send us photos of their dogs. This is adorable.
  3. New Cockapoo Puppy - first time owner - trying to housebreak - need advice!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! Very excited to join this forum! We are first time owners of a beautiful and very intelligent Cockapoo puppy girl. She is 12 weeks old now. We live in a flat in London (very close to a lot of parks) and she is already house trained (on puppy pads). Now after her injections she is finally...
  4. Hello I got a new puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hello I am new here and I got a new puppy his name is Loki he is a beagle. It is mostly for my 5 year old son who has autsim. I adopted him from the humane society. Loki is 2 months almost 3 months old. Since we got him and I put him up in his room in the utility room he barks, yelps, and howls...
  5. Anyone else experience this?

    General Dog Forum
    At home, my boyfriend and I both have the habit of not closing the door when we use the restroom for some reason:redface:. So when our 4 month old Yorkie sees one of us go into the restroom, he pokes his head in, and when we finish, he goes to his potty pad and pees or poos. This happens almost...
  6. New Puppy Owner GS/Mal Mix...Any advice and/or help will be appreciate it.

    Attention All New Members
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new dog owner (well for about 1.5 months) of a German Shepherd Puppy/Mal Mix. At first I didn't know how powerful the breed was going to be until now that our puppy is 3 months old and we are having a few problems with her behavior. She is very smart, comes at commands, but...
  7. ACD puppy stealing dog food???

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    First time on these forums:wave: and a new dog owner. i've decided to go all or nothing with an australian cattle dog puppy. I have a fairly simple question i think... My household has one older dog, around 8 years, who is fed pedigree. my puppy is currently eating diamond puppy food. the puppy...
  8. Socialization

    General Dog Forum
    My husband and I have two 6 month old puppies. When we first got them they loved any person that came over and loved to be pet... Now they do not like any new people or any dogs. They bark when our neighbors go by and and any dogs pass by the yard. I took the little girl with me to a Bible study...
  9. How do we stop our big puppy playing rough with our small old dog

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, We were hoping if anyone could shine some light on this issue we are having at the moment. Our 14 week old lab pup is growing big quickly and is starting to play rough and bark at our little 14yo Maltese. He was the same size as her at 8 weeks but know hes double. This has increased...