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puppy behavior

  1. Am I reinforcing my dogs barking in the crate?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone. I have a a new 10 week old Mini Goldendoodle that got a couple days ago. I have been been getting him used to a crate by giving him some treats and sitting by him. However, at night when we first put him in he likes to bark and whine. I will then sit next to him and just...
  2. How to calm down an overly energetic rescue pup

    Dog Rescue Forum
    We rescued Ozzy about a month ago from the city shelter. Our vet thinks he's about a year old. We're not exactly sure what mix he is maybe someone can tell by the photo. We had previously adopted a Miniature Schnauzer in Dec from the same shelter. Problem is Ozzy has way too much energy while...
  3. Fearful Pup

    Dog Training Forum
    My husband and I recently got a blue heeler/border collie mix. She's about 10 weeks old now. We are working on potty training and she's doing pretty well. When my husband or I is home alone with her she becomes very fearful when we go outside and we have a hard time getting her to be playful...
  4. 6 month old puppy won't eat from bowl

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I've had my puppy since he was about 6 weeks old and I've always fed him out of plastic containers since he was so small. I've had at least 4 dogs prior to him and they all had their own bowls, but they were metal. 3 of the 4 were pit bulls and my puppy is a pit bull. When my other dogs died...
  5. Mouthing and bite inhibition

    Dog Training Forum
    My 5-month-old puppy is, of course, teething. She is a remarkably gentle and calm creature for her age, I think, but she does like to mouth my hands sometimes when we're hanging out. It's always been my "policy" to not allow ANY teeth-to-skin action, but I read an article yesterday that said...
  6. How Long Should I Let Puppy Cry in Crate?

    Dog Training Forum
    I just adopted a puppy from a rescue (see my post in the "New Members" section); she's about 4 1/2 months old, I think. She is pretty much an angel, except for a few issues that would be expected from a puppy her age (and she's very willing to learn, and smart). She made me incredibly happy the...
  7. An Issue or Just Puppy Behavior?

    Dog Health Questions
    Ralphie is the first dog that has been a completely indoor dog for me, so I had some questions on normal potty training behavior for adolescent dogs. Ralphie is a 6 1/2 month old Aussie/Collie/Lab mix. He is almost completely potty trained. He lets us know (usually) when he has to go outside...
  8. Puppy growling in response to verbally correcting bad behavior

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, My girlfriend and I have two puppies. One is an 11 month old lab/boxer mix and the other is a 5 month old mix-breed, possibly some sort of hound/shepherd/terrier, both females. We rescued the younger one at 8 weeks and have had the older one since she was about 8 weeks as well. Our...
  9. Hello there! New to dogs, new to puppies!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello new friends, I have a 10 week old Catahoula/Australian Shepherd Mix. He's my first dog AND my first puppy, so you can imagine what this experience might look like. Here for help and to connect with other dog people so I know what's normal dog behavior and what isn't! :)
  10. Behavioral Problems in Puppy Taken Too Soon?

    General Dog Forum
    My neighbor was grateful I had spent my summer babysitting her kids, so when her (mix) dog had puppies, I was allowed first pick. I'm a first time dog owner, and I knew absolutely nothing about dogs other than you buy food, treats, toys, and a bed for them (and that they pooped). So when the...
  11. Does the dog like your new boyfriend?

    Piddle Place
    Has your dog ever acted like this? Dog dislikes my boyfriend Let us know who your dog acted like this to.
  12. house breaking for new puppy and older dogs

    Piddle Place
    If you have a new puppy that needs training with less mess and cost of puppy pads. If you have an elderly dog that has a problem going outside. Do you work long hours and can't always be home to take your dog for a walk. Please consider allowing your furry friend the option of an indoor dog...