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puppy agressive nipping

  1. Puppy won't stop biting and HATES being left alone!

    Attention All New Members
    I just got a pug puppy 2 weeks ago and he is just under 12 weeks old. He is a lovely little pup but I'm having some trouble with him biting. He tries to bite faces, hands, feet etc whenever he can and doesn't respond to any of the methods we've tried so far which are whimpering like a dog and...
  2. New Puppy Owner GS/Mal Mix...Any advice and/or help will be appreciate it.

    Attention All New Members
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new dog owner (well for about 1.5 months) of a German Shepherd Puppy/Mal Mix. At first I didn't know how powerful the breed was going to be until now that our puppy is 3 months old and we are having a few problems with her behavior. She is very smart, comes at commands, but...
  3. Puppy is well behaved except for 1 hour every day.

    Dog Training Forum
    Our 2.5 month old Lab mix puppy is usually very well-behaved. He Comes, Sits, walks on the leash properly and is generally a great puppy for me, my wife and our 2 boys (9 & 12). But... Around the same time every evening, somewhere between 7pm and 9pm, he becomes a puppy possessed. For 1 hour...