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  1. Help! Puppy ate small gumball sized plastic bead.

    Dog Health Questions
    My 10 week old puppy(large breed) at a plastic bead the size of a smaller gumball. Will it pass??? Do I need a vet?
  2. 7 Ways Your Pup Is Secretly Telling You He’s Stressed

    1. They Shiver I’m a proud parent of a 5lb Chihuahua, so this is the first sign I notice when she’s stressed. If your dog is shaking like a leaf, there’s obviously something wrong. Sometimes, dogs shake for other reasons, too. For instance, they could be cold or sick. 2. They Use the “Potty”...
  3. Training My Own Service Dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So... lemme start by staying, I DO have SOME experience with this and with training dogs in general, tho they were not MY dogs. They were dogs my mom had back when I lived with her and helped her train her--at the time--service dog, as well as her other two. But... that said, this is still my...
  4. mother dog leaving pups at 6-7 weeks old normal?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    hi everyone. so i have a question i didn't know if it had to go in this category. this is the first puppies i have had to care for so i have no idea. my mother dog has normally fed her pups their entire life but now at 6-7 weeks old she actively want to be away from them.i cant put her in the...
  5. Golden Retriever & Havanese Mix Wanted

    General Dog Forum
    Hi! The sweetest dog I ever met was 10 years ago and it was a Golden Retriever & Havanese Mix. I have known for 10 years that this is the dog mix I wanted but have not been in a position to welcome a dog to our family until now, and several hours on google have taught me that this is not a...
  6. Puppies only play with each other and not with me - they don't know how to use toys

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi! So 3 days ago I got 2 boys - White Swiss Shepherd. They are from the same family - brothers. When me and my wife train them - we separate them to teach them. Do we need to play with them separately too? They cannot play with us - whenever one starts to play another puppy comes and they...
  7. Puppy gets zoomies every time he is denied something or is stressed

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I am a first time dog owner and have had my pup (16 weeks old now) for a month. I have observed that he gets zoomies whenever I or my wife ask him to stop or when he doesn’t want to be on a leash. Is this a sign or aggression or frustration? Or is is just stress that is causing my dog to reach...
  8. My dog at 3 months and 3 years old | I love Rottweiler

    Dog Pictures Forum
    My dog at 3 months old and 3 years old in one clip. He is Loki Gervi. Lucky for us with him.
  9. Dogs raising puppies as their own??

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi guys, New owner here for a year. I have a female Jack Russell Mix and my parents and I haven’t been raising her to be fully responsible earlier on and it’s had some effects. I know Jack Russell’s can definitely be stubborn and hard-headed and we are currently in transition of not allowing...
  10. Two 4 month old puppies

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone. So I already had a 4 month old German Shepherd and today I brought home a 4 month old Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). They are playing and getting along great. My GSD is a little too much sometimes and my ACD will settle somewhere or attempt to hide away to rest. He isn’t...
  11. How many puppies?

    General Dog Forum
    We recently had an x-ray done on our mom toy golden doodle. The vet seemed a little confused about how many puppies were in there. I would love for anyone’s feedback of how many puppies you count. Thank you so much! Puppies
  12. Puppy help!!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, So we just got a new puppy and we are having some issues with getting him trained. He is a border collie so he is very high energy, we have another one at home as well so we do have experience with raising border collies. Our other dog did not give us nearly as many issues as this dog...
  13. Anyone use Missing Link for puppies?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I just started giving this supplement to my 7 month old Maltipoo and she's had diarrhea all day long. I haven't changed her food, only this. Has this happened to anyone else?
  14. Dog Breeders Identified - Koaas

    General Dog Forum
    Hi All, I have recently come across this website Koaas seems to have many dog ads by breeders, I'm bit confused as to how can i start questioning them, i feel they will probably get upset if i ask them too many questions. Then I checked other websites like dogzonline same story there and perhaps...
  15. Aussie anxiety

    General Dog Forum
    We have the most adorable baby girl. Her name is Starr and she is 6 months old. Potty training was easy, she eats a well balanced diet,well socialized, very active, healthy, loving, easily trained puppy. One issue: She has SEVERE separation anxiety. I am a stay at home wife/mother and we have 3...
  16. New puppy and anxiety with kids.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all! I’m having a little bit of trouble with my 10 week old lab Pit mix. I got her when she was only 4 weeks old. We have 4 kids aged 5months, 2 years, 4 years, and 7 years. I think she has a hard time dealing with the kids. They’re rowdy and can be rough with her. We are trying to teach them...
  17. New member with some serious newborn puppy concerns

    Attention All New Members
    Hi. I'm in desperate need of help and fairly quickly. My dog had 8 pups, who are now 2 years old and I haven't seen them feed in days. I brought the whole litter to the vet 2 days ago, and she was very vague regarding my questions,
  18. First Time Momma Chiweenie... Help?!

    Dog Health Questions
    My Chiweenie, Mia, gave birth to a puppy on the 18th of November. That makes the pup 4 days old. She only gave birth to a single, rather large pup. We got Mia from my husbands mother about 6 weeks ago and her pregnancy was a complete surprise. Mia has always been a round dog. Considering she was...
  19. Rick from Savannah, GA

    Attention All New Members
    I got a beautiful (and gentle) Pit mix a couple of years ago. Now my wife and I have basically overburned ourselves with 2 9-week-old sisters (very small dogs). We have no money for a lot of equipment, particularly in doubles, so this will have to be done the "old fashioned way." I'll be asking...
  20. Puppy only peeing inside when I'm NOT with him! HELP PLEASE!

    Dog Training Forum
    Theodore (Teddy) is 4 months old, and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever - I know, notoriously stubborn. He was brought home from an AKC-certified breeder at 8 weeks of age. However, Teddy is doing GREAT in regards to pooping outside. Hasn't had an accident in that form since he was 3 months old. Peeing...