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  1. Cane Corso Allergies

    General Dog Forum
    Hi I have a cane corso male puppy named Kratos who is currently 9 months old. He is on the barf diet eating only meat and vegetables due to his long list of allergies. Kratos has been to the vet multiple problems due to these allergies. I am TRYING to find him vitamins and/or a protein powder...
  2. High Kidney Protein Levels in Young Dog -- Possibly Congenital?

    Dog Health Questions
    In Nov. we took my dog, Chloe, in for her annual checkup. What I thought would be a quick and easy appointment turned out to bring to light a lot of issues we never expected. The doctor initially found that Chloe's back, upper molar was broken and recommended a root canal or extraction. Later...
  3. Is this enough protein?

    Dog Food Forum
    I am feeding 1.5 cans of Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato, and 1 1/3 cups of Sweet Potato and venison dry. 600 calories from canned, 459 from dry. 1059 cal total for a 44 lb dog. The protein is 25% dry matter for the wet, and 21% dry matter for the dry. 23% if you put the two together. I...
  4. Please help

    Dog Food Forum
    My dog now eats taste of the wilds duck formula, he is 7 months and I am not sure if the amount that he goes to the bathroom a day (bowel movements 2 x a day) is normal. I am not sure if it is because taste of the wild has a lot of protein, or it's just because we just recently dewormed him from...
  5. Food for 5 month old Lab puppy

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a 5 month old lab puppy and am looking for a high quality kibble. I am confused about the conflicting advice about protein amounts for puppies, large breed puppy vs. small breed puppy foods or use adult dog food. Then there is the calcium/phosphorus ratio. I am open to paying more for a...