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  1. Wish we had looked here first regarding Proin:(

    Attention All New Members
    Our senior bulldog died of a stroke last night after one dose of Proin for incontinence. She was happy & strong and we only wanted to make her comfortable & not have to wear diapers. We gave her the vet prescription without doing any research like we normally do. We had no idea it causes...
  2. I need help with constant urination with 13yo lab!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, I'm new here! Decided to join because I needed some opinions on my lab. I have a 13 yo spayed lab who had incontinence issues. The vet put her on proin and it worked for a bit but then stopped working. He upped her dosage and it was working fine but recently we moved and right before we...
  3. Great Dane peeing blood, NOT UTI

    Dog Health Questions
    :wink:I have a 4 year old neutered Great Dane who back in May 2012 drank excessively and began peeing blood... I immediately took him to the vet and they diagnosed him w/ a UTI. Gave him mediciation and it worked for a few days and then back to blood in the urine. Took him back and they did a...
  4. Experiences with Proin?

    Dog Health Questions
    Just wondering what experiences people have had with Proin. I have had Teddi on it for over a month now. She did well on it at first, but with reduced dosing, goes right back to losing urine. Currently I am on every other day, which seems to keep her dry but I am seeing other problems that worry...