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  1. Itchy Smelly Dog

    Dog Health Questions
    Once upon a time my dog had perfect skin & coat. I had rescued him from a high kill animal shelter, and from his personality I assumed he was probably kept in a cage (indoors -- he was unsure of what rain was) and was bred for backyard breeding and more than likely was a backyard bred puppy...
  2. Review: Which of these 2 Probiotics for my dog? Marcola or Wholistic Acidophilus?

    Dog Health Questions
    Which of these products seems better for my dog based on the ingredients? Review every single ingredient: I selected Mercola Products Pet Probiotics with complete list of strains and 2 added ingredients VS. Wholistic Pet Organics Acidophilus Probiotics with just one strain. My dogs digestion is...
  3. Make at Home: Frozen Berry Dog Treat Recipe

    The Honest Kitchen
    During the sweltering days of summer, give your dog a treat that’s totally cool. It’s too hot to cook. But your pooch is panting for a cool treat. What’s a pet parent to do? For easy and healthy treats you can pull together in a matter of minutes, try our Frozen Berry Treat recipe. Just mix...
  4. Acana VS Fromm

    Dog Food Forum
    WARNING! WALL OF TEXT! Levi has been on Acana for about a year. I feel like he does well on it. He eats the Chicken & Burbank Potato formula. His poops are firm, beautiful coat, good energy. What I have noticed is that he tends to be quite gassy (not a fast eater) and his eyes leak a fair...
  5. We have a new instant goat's milk product for dogs and cats!

    The Honest Kitchen
    We are excited to announce the launch of a new product - Pro Bloom! It is a shelf-stable instant goat’s milk with digestive enzymes & probiotics. Goat's milk is a natural way to nourish and nurture cats and dogs and is ideal for growing puppies. It provides them with general immune support at...
  6. Probiotics -how much?

    General Dog Forum
    I have two bischon/Shih-tzu mixes, about 10 lbs each with yeast overgrowth. I just got Natural Factors Acidophilis &Bifidus, which was recommended to me. It comes in capsule form and I don't know how much to give. Should I just open a capsule and sprinkle maybe half a capsule on their food...
  7. probiotics - waste of money or helpful food supplement?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, All this food supplement these past days hasn't really helped me come to a decision. Some people testify probiotics helped their dog greatly. Other say that the bacteria in the supplements are destroyed by food acid before it enters the gut (which seems completely plausible). I don't...
  8. kelp and probiotic question

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi, So, my dog occasionally gets runny poop. We feed pretty good dog food (Fromm chicken), and he usually has nice firm poop, but every few weeks he gets an episode. I still haven't been able to figure out what causes it. He's eat anything and everything, and we go to the dog park regularly...
  9. New to the forum

    Attention All New Members
    Hello , This is my first post . I am Joan Wolke of wolkedanes.com . My kids are 6 Great Danes who I show and sometimes breed. Promise is my oldest at 6 1/2 years . Lea is my youngest she is 4 mons. I also enjoy writing blogs on dog health and other things . I look forward to getting to know you...