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prey drive

  1. Hi Everyone

    Attention All New Members
    I am hoping this is an active forum. I am looking for some training advice for a 2 yr old high prey drive GSD. He is terrified of other dogs, and is way too pushy with my cats. We have had him only 3 weeks, but I need some ideas to nip all this before it gets out of control.
  2. Hello from Rat Terrier Mix in Indiana

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, We adopted Sophie, a 14 month old female rat terrier mix about 1.5 months ago. She's amazing, wonderful, and we love her to pieces. We are pretty sure she has some pitbull in her, too. She has an insane amount of energy and I have been working hard to train her. We are running into some...
  3. Aggressive Playing/Chasing at Dog Park

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello All, I have to Husky/GS mixes, King and Reyna. King is 3 and Reyna is 2. Same parents, just different litter. King and Reyna are friendly dogs, love people, love attention, and love each other. King and Reyna play very rough together. Lots of "talking/growling", grabbing at each others...
  4. Tips for training dog to stop chasing squirrels while on leash?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My pup, about a year old, walks well on leash generally. However, when she sees a squirrel she has a little ritual she religiously observes: 1) staring, eyes glazed; 2) sitting/plopping down; 3) lunging at the squirrel. Since I live in a city and walk her around in parks, we encounter squirrels...
  5. Walking High Prey Driven/Easily Distracted Dog

    Dog Training Forum
    This is long, but the gist is that I have a high prey driven dog that's easily distracted and overstimulated. Every time we move to a new place, it's like starting at square one with the training. I'm at my wit's end and don't know what to do. I have a Border Collie/Australian...
  6. bigger dog becomes aggressive to little dog after giving him a bath.

    General Dog Forum
    My bigger dog attacked my little dog. My one and a half year old female lab mix attacked my three year old Chihuahua mix after giving him a bath. The lab mix has never shown any signs of aggression since I got her a year ago, never fought or tried to start a fight, she's the nicest dog I have...
  7. Little Huntress

    Dog Training Forum
    Summer is here and all the little bunnies and squirrels are scurrying about doing their critter things. Well, it's not just the bunnies and squirrels that have woken up from winter. Wicket's inner huntress has awaken and her prey-drive finally shows it's face, lol. She has charged a bunny and a...
  8. How do you train a dog with a strong prey drive, especially towards cats??

    Dog Training Forum
    I have an australian cattle dog -"zero" about 16 mos. old. I rescued him about 8 months ago from the humane society - think he was a stray - no name or story - no leash training, etc. Super smart dog though, within a few months I taught him a whole array of tricks, leash training has been a...
  9. Siberian Husky smalll prey drive

    General Dog Forum
    I have been seriously considering a Siberian husky for my next dog but have one hurdle to overcome. From what I understand of my research huskies have a strong prey drive. If they are surrounded with cats and small animals and very well socialized, and trained from a puppy will they still have a...