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  1. We have 3 dogs and we are expecting our first baby. Suggestions?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm writing because my husband and I are expecting our first child and I'm very anxious. We have 3 dogs (1 Italian Greyhound and 2 Bouvier de Flandres) and I'm just worried how they will respond to the baby's arrival. They're an energetic, protective, and affectionate bunch... but I...
  2. Dog breeding question

    General Dog Forum
    Hi - I wast just wondering if a bitch can get pregnant if she had intercourse 1 day before the pink blood was noticed? Thanks, Yves
  3. HELP Female MINI Dacshund may have bred with a Sheltie

    Dog Health Questions
    FIRST off let me state that I do plan to take her to the Vet to determine if she is in fact pregnant... But I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight unless I hear from another Doxie owner. My neighbors Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) got into my back yard and was with my mini Doxie Riley. Riley...
  4. Raw feeding pregnant bitches

    Dog Food Forum
    Ok, I have a question but I don't want you guys to jump all over me. I am a new breeder, but I worked at an animal hospital for 4 years. I have helped many people with their litters. I am aware of all the risks and potential problems. My bitch was vet checked and cleared before breeding and the...
  5. Pregnant Pit Bull - Fostering

    Dog Food Forum
    Here is my situation. I did not know that this dog was pregnant and I'm a full time student. I've had the dog for 4 weeks now and I was only giving her 4 cups of dry dog food a day. I just uppded her food intake to 6 cups a day since I was informed that she was actually pregnant. Now my question...
  6. Pregnant golden retriever bitten by rattlesnake

    Attention All New Members
    Hi all, have any of you ever had your pregnant dog bitten by a rattlesnake? Mine was bitten at 5 1/2 weeks along. She was given antivenin, pain meds, fluids, blood work, etc. They have no research on the effect all that will have on the puppies. Just before all this an ultrasound showed at...
  7. Pregnant Lab Mix

    General Dog Forum
    I have a one year old black lab mix puppy that I got when my neighbors moved and couldn't keep her. I already have a black lab, about six months older, and they get along great. They said she was fixed, but obviously not, because right after I got her she went into heat. There is an intact male...
  8. Puppy Countdown for Gypsy the Pregnant Stray

    General Dog Forum
    If she gets any bigger I think she'll explode. According the vet, we should only have a week to go, at the most. Yes, that last picture is my puppy birthing station... I feel like a nervous mom-to-be!
  9. Puppies coming soon... have no idea what to do!

    General Dog Forum
    My sister-in-law has been feeding a little black and white dog that's been coming to her house for the past few days. No collar, acts really skittish, and is wayyyyy pregnant and due any time now. Her husband keeps telling her to call the humane society to do something with it, but the vet...
  10. Help! Dog in labor over 3 hours, no pup

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm house-sitting a dog & she gave birth to 10 pups tonight but I think she has 1 stuck in her? She's a 65 pound husky mix. She has been contracting/pushing for about 3 hours on the same pup & I'm not sure what to do. I called the emergency vet but they require payment in full at time of...
  11. I might be pregnant

    Off Topic
    So about three weeks ago I took my birth control the day I was supposed to start my period (like you're supposed too) so my period would be lighter and less heavy. Three weeks ago I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Three weeks later my period still hasn't started. I'm nineteen so it's not...
  12. We rescued a pregnant dog

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum (glad I found it!) and we recently adopted a shelter dog who is late in pregnancy. She is a pit (mix?) (labeled as a Boxer/Lab mix...) She was picked up as a stray, went unclaimed and kept getting passed over by others. She is a WONDERFUL dog, so sweet and...
  13. Doggie pimples / chafing

    Dog Health Questions
    I've noticed a few times on my pit bull these bumps that really look like pimples. They look like whiteheads and shes had one right under her nose and I noticed one on the inside of her hind leg tonight and found a few more smaller ones between her nipples (She was adopted and her teats have not...
  14. pregnant dog to sire with testicle cancer

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi..my dog is pregnant..she has 17 days to go..i've just been informed my the owners of the sire that they have just found out he has testicle cancer..will this have any affect on the puppies??will they be at more risk of getting cancer??
  15. The Pregnant people thread

    Off Topic
    What's it like to be pregnant? I'd like to be but I'm far to young. I'll have to stick with my dog babies for now! BUt pregnancies surround me. I'm going to be an aunt soon, my sister is trying to conceive and my cousin has a year old baby. He's adorable. So what's it like knowing your going to...
  16. Expecting dog??? Oh I hope not!

    Dog Health Questions
    I have an almost 3 year old german shepherd...I have been noticing some strange things going on. I'm really worried that she is pregnant! I don't know the signs, I do know of psuedo pregnancies. The changes I have noticed dramatically are large nipples (its not much fun to rub her belly now!)...