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  1. Mystery illness (autoimmune?) 8-year-old black lab/border collie

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello. Hoping someone out there may be able to shed light on Loki's illness that is now going on 2 months with no clear diagnosis by mutiple vets: He's been sick since Christmas time. It started with some limping and eye cloudiness but within a few weeks of noticing individual symptoms, he...
  2. Hi and Prednisone

    Attention All New Members
    Hi All - looking for anyone with experience of dogs coming off prednisone. This seems like a good place. If someone could let me know where to post the story and questions I have - that would be great! Thanks!
  3. Prednisone for Heartworm treatment recovery

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, my recently-adopted dog just underwent heartworm treatment ("low positive" test result, 2 injections of immiticide), and was prescribed Prednisone for approximately two weeks: 7 days of 1mg/kg, 5 days of .5mg/kg, and a tapering-off period of 3 alternating days of .5mg/kg. Some...
  4. Prednisone and lethargy?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 50 pound husky lab mix, and I recently noticed he had fleas. Got him his first frontline, but he was still itching even after they started dying. I took him to the vet, who prescribed prednisone for skin irritation, and he's been acting really lethargic. I went back the next day because...
  5. Prednisone side effects

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a coonhound with IBD, and a host of other issues. He's quite old. He will be on the prednisone for life. As time goes on dose has went up along with the ugly side effects. I am a very patient person, we rescue dogs no one else would,but am about to loose it. All I do is "yell" at the dog...
  6. Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia & Prednisone side effects

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello- I'm writing for feedback re; my fox terrier who was dX with immune mediated thrombocytopenia on 7/10. Platelet count was 19,000. He had vaccines 5 wks prior. started on Prednisone 20mg 2x/d. Azothiaprine 25mg was added 2 wks later. plats rose to 40,000. On 8/17, we saw an Int. Med Vet...
  7. Need Help! Fostering a terrier with allergies.

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everyone! I am a college student whose entire life revolves around the love for animals. I have a Labrador mix of my own and ever since February, I have taken the challenge of fostering a small terrier mix that apparently has allergies. Vinny Vinny is approximately 8-9 years old. He...
  8. Hydrocephalus and medication management

    Dog Health Questions
    we were blessed with a gorgeous baby Yorkie Poo on Thanksgiving weekend, he was born 9-26-2012 and his name is Peanut. We knew when we adopted that something was wrong and after many vet visits and testing we know our baby has severe hydrocephalus. If you met our baby P today, you wouldn't know...
  9. Prednisone, Lupus, diet help

    Dog Health Questions
    My vet thinks my dog has discoid lupus. We've done the biopsy after months of battling with medications and let's wait and see. The pathology results most resemble lupus but are not 100% definitive, how ever, the results don't match anything else. Apparently the pathologist has never had this...
  10. 14 Year Old With Stage 4 Lymphoma. HELP

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi there, I've just found out my 14 year old Yorkie-poo has very late stage Lymphoma. It's really bad as it has spread throughout her body including her organs, especially her lungs. She has very fast laboured breathing and I really don't know what to do. The vet has recommended chemo or...
  11. Golden with allergies? surprise surprise

    Dog Health Questions
    We have a two year old golden retriever female who we rescued over a year ago from a breed-specific rescue. Toward the end of this summer, she started scratching at her belly. I noticed from time to time she would have little scabs or irritations. Over the past month she has been scratching...
  12. humping, eating poop, eating trash!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My 3 year old spayed lab has started showing a ton of unwanted behaviors. A couple months ago she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that gives her polyarthritis when not treated with prednisone (she's on 15 mg/day now). She humps her blanket and other dogs/puppies obsessively. She...