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  1. My Dog Is OBSESSED With My Boyfriend!

    Dog Training Forum
    Nala goes absolutely insane for my boyfriend, and it's driving both of us nuts! When my boyfriend enters the house it's like nothing else exists for her anymore, she goes spastic, whines bloody murder, wiggles on the floor kicking anything and everything, and tries to pounce him any chance she...
  2. Dogs pouncing vinyl fence dogs on 2 sides, slats coming out

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    delete *old post*
  3. Watching his sense of timing is fun

    General Dog Forum
    Sometimes I just like moving stuff around and getting him excited to see him bat at it with his paws. Like a piece of rawhide. He'll be watching it, trying to time it with his paws. Or he'll start chasing it around and then I'll stop, then he stops, and he's just like counting in his head...