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  1. Potty train indoor and outdoor simultaneously

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi! I'm getting my puppy in two weeks. It's a little mini pomraninan pup, male. I'll add a picture down below. I have a question. I wanna potty train him to go outdoors but also indoor. I want him to be able to walk out on our balcony (4th floor apartment) and do his business on a "fresh patch"...
  2. Potty time: General suggestions / bad weather?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi all, I tried reading several old posts (including the sticky but I'm about to read it a second time.) I didn't see something that gave me the Ah Ha! That'll work! I'm sorry in advance that this post is so long! Puppy Details: Name: Kalya (Female) Age: 4 1/2 months Breed: Sheepadoodle...
  3. Advice needed - not your usual potty train

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all! I recently adopted a 9 month old lab/australian shepard/other mix. She is full grown at about 40 lbs and has been doing well adapting to our home. She gets along with the cat, and spends most of the day sleeping. I take her out regularly in the backyard (every 2 hrs or so) and for a...
  4. Puppy Potty Training problems!

    Dog Training Forum
    I've potty trained pups before and never had this much trouble getting started. I've read everything i can find online! I have a 9 week, almost 10 week old Pit/Lab/Boxer mix pup I live in apartment, i got the little guy when he was only 4 weeks old, fearing he would pick up parvo or distemper...
  5. Potty pad training adult dog ideas

    Dog Training Forum
    This is my first post. I need some ideas. My husband and I adopted Penny 4 weeks ago. She is a doll. We think she is 4 years old. She is potty trained in that she likes to go potty outside. However, she does still pee in the house sometimes, but she will never pee in front of us. She has...
  6. *HELP* Puppy won't pee at new apartment!

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 6 month old German shepherd/great Dane mix puppy who won't pee outside at our new apartment that we just moved into. We got her at 3 months and had her potty trained at our old place within a few weeks. It got to the point where she would whine at the door when she needed to go. We...
  7. 2 puppies play biting to hard and potty questions

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, I have two 8 week old american bull dog pit mix pups and they are a hand full they listen very well outside when we go out to do there buisness and I always reward for eliminating outside. First thing how can I get the play nipping to stop they bite each other and me when its play time...