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  1. Training philosophy: Positive/Reward vs. Leadership/Dominance

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    An interesting side discussion developed in the Mouthing and Biting thread which I'd like to follow up here. Here's the thought starter: What are the benefits and demerits of positive (reward-based) vs. leadership (dominance) training? Which do you follow and why? Are there valid points to each...
  2. :help: Need ideas for clicker training dog busniess

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi my name is Ash and I'm 23 and wanting to open a Clicker/Positive reinforcement dog Training busniess and ideas are welcome event if you think there silly so far family have sugested: "barking mad" "positive leads" "give a dog a bone" "who let the dogs out" :frusty: :doh:im drving my self...
  3. Should I do the reward, punishment, or reward and punishment?

    Dog Training Forum
    I've seen my sister train her Papillon and she used treats and kennel punishment. Should I do the same thing? My dog is a Yo-Chon (Bichon Frise and Yorkie mix). I am confused, because I was watching animal planet yesterday and the lady on the show only gave the dog treats when it did something...