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positive dog training

  1. Why, with + training, is it always your fault?

    Dog Training Forum
    I'd actually quit training a few months because of this. I did a lot right, but didn't do everything perfect, yet my dog is still reactive, and I'm having a heck of a time with jumping on people. My mental health can't handle an all-my-fault method. My husband, who doesn't go for that, has...
  2. Dog Jumping up on Strangers at the Off-Leash Park

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! So my younger boy, Sonny, is absolutely in love with any and everybody. He loves people dearly and it's one of his best traits. However - when we're at the dog park he's having some trouble with getting too excited and jumping up on people. He was doing...
  3. Achoo! Meeko gets me a tissue when I sneeze~

    Dog Pictures Forum
    We've been working on it for a while. We were stuck on him handing the tissue to me instead of dropping it right after he pulled it out of the box. I am happy to say he hands it to me now in shorter distances. Yay Meeko!
  4. PISSED-OFF RANT - People who argue with you about how you train your dog

    Dog Training Forum
    Living in a high-rise apartment building in a city, I bring my dog out on public walks and to the dog park out of necessity -- there's just no other way to properly exercise my dog. Georgie is only about one year old and an extremely cute little 25-pound terrier. I know, I know, everyone thinks...
  5. Puppy Training Methods : Which do you use?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, I'm intrigued to know which methods of training people use for the puppies in there life? We decided to use a 'Positive Reinforcement' method, rarely raising the voice and always showing the correct behaviour then praising for it. However it's all perfectly good in black and white but...