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  1. New Member Introductions
    What can I say? Thank you for allowing me into the forum. My name is Mike, I am a widowed ornery old man and I generally have two dogs. Sadly, I had to put one down recently (Chow/Lab with 16 years of good health) and I came here for some owner's opinions on standard poodles. I can't think of...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! I'm planning on buying a Toy Poodle but I can't tell if it's of square build can someone help me? Thanks! :) Here's the link http://youtu.be/phz-mx9-AVw
  3. Dog Grooming Forum
    I have been researching ways to keep a dog cool during hot summers, and I have learned that you shouldn't shave a dog for it actually does not help keep them cool, but in fact makes them more susceptible to hotspots, heat stroke, and to different texture in fur. Now, I get that for a husky, or...
  4. Dog Grooming Forum
    I am hoping to get a miniature poodle this fall and I am wondering what kind of things you will need for grooming. I have a $300 budget (or $350) for the dog and a $200 budget for the stuff, for now. Just what kind of brushes do i need, and what kind of doggy shampoo works?
  5. General Dog Forum
    Hello I'm New Here. This is a picture of my two dogs. I love them very much. They look kindof like shaved rats, but hey, they are still part of the family :) --- Dogs are better than cats. Pedigree Dog Food Coupons
1-5 of 5 Results