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  1. My dog doesn't want to pee

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, I have a boy Maltese age 2 now. Got him for 1 1/2 yes now. Pee regularly n active. He will pee even its just a few drops everytine i let him nto the toilet. But after I brought him for grooming (shaved all hair) 3days back, he refuses to pee. Probably just once a day no matter how many...
  2. NEED her 2 Poo In Kennel

    Dog Training Forum
    Okay so I have an outdoor kennel attached to a low-hanging window for my dog to go poo when I'm gone at work. She can get in and out the window via a doggy door, and has no problems understanding the concept, in fact has been trained within very few repetitions to go in and out on command. She...
  3. Housetraining Questions.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello Fidget is about 15 weeks old now. We have owned her about a month or so. She doesn't make many mistakes indoors now. Right now, sometimes she lets us know, sometimes she just pees without warning. She usually whines when she has to poo. One of our problems: she whines about ALOT of...
  4. Chewing and poopin'

    General Dog Forum
    My little man has now learned to notify us when he has to go potty. BUT he will go potty #1 and #2 outside and then about 10-15 minutes later he will go #2 again by the door without notice. Why? :/... This morning I took him out first thing and he went like clockwork. We come back to bed like...
  5. How to get dog to poo in yard?

    Dog Training Forum
    Just over a month ago we adopted a 2-yr-old Chihuahua mix from the shelter. She has settled in just fine. The only thing is that she won't poo in the yard - neither the back nor front yards. She had done it in the house, though. Every day we take her for at least two walks to the park so...