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  1. Hello All

    Attention All New Members
    Hello all dog lovers.... How are you? I have 4 chihuahua dogs and 2 pom dogs. I love them. I am glad to join this dog forum. I want to share experiences with other members on this forum.
  2. Need to vent: Woman telling me off for walking my dog when it is "too cold"

    General Dog Forum
    I live in Montreal, where it gets pretty cold. Today it is -20 without windchill, and so I wasn't really planning on taking Meeko out for very long. I bundled him up in his coat and boots and took him out for a pee. When I went to put him back inside so I could go and pick up treats and toys...
  3. Meeko & Gott Gott

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is a thread I intend to keep updated pretty regularly, dedicated to my foster dog Gotty, and my own dog, Meeko, who came home New Year's Eve :) Gotty is very leash reactive towards dogs, so it took several days to properly introduce her and Meeko. We still have to keep an eye on them when...
  4. Another housebreaking thread.. Sorry!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone! So Meeko's been with me approx. 2 weeks now, and things are going great. He plays with my cats and foster dog with no problems, and absolutely adores his crate. I have taught him to sit, lie down, and stand up on command (still working on stay lol!), and he knows to go to his crate...
  5. Semiweekly Doggie Daycare vs Daily Dog Walker

    General Dog Forum
    When we adopted our Pomeranian mix in January, my live-in boyfriend and I were both working full-time, he at an office that allowed dogs. In June he got laid off, so he's been home every day since then. We think he's near an offer (yay!), but it's not at a dog-friendly office, and we know the...
  6. Meet Meeko!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    So, I finally managed to get some photos of Meeko (formerly called Ernie). As I've previously explained in my post, Meeko is a pomeranian rescued from a puppy mill. The neuter is scheduled for the 20th, and then I have to wait because one of my cats developed lower urinary tract disease (even...
  7. Grooming essentials for a pom?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My rescue pom will be coming home in a few weeks (once he is neutered). What would you guys suggest are grooming essentials for pom ownership? I've never had a long haired dog before, so this will be a learning experience! Any advice on how to groom them, etc. is also appreciated! Thank you!
  8. Our Pom and his tummy troubles...

    General Dog Forum
    We have two Poms. One the Dad is about 5 years old. Dad weighed about 12-13 pounds. He now weighs about 10. His Daughter is about 4. Both are shelter dogs adopted from two different shelters a year apart. The Dad is having a health issue. Soon after he goes to sleep he starts to gag and then...
  9. 2 types of poms??

    General Dog Forum
    ok so i am trying to learn all i can about my poms coat, she is now 7 months old and is growing a very pretty coat in, but her coat is more soft shiny then it is fluffy so i was looking up why it was like this when i came across a forum were it said that there are 2 types of poms standard poms...