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  1. Poisoned dog with a neurotoxin

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a wire fox terrier and as you know, they are crazy escape artists. My girl managed to get out this morning, and she was out maybe 15 minutes. She started having tremors, and salivated a white foamy liquid. I knew that she was poisoned and immediately went to the vet, but it took maybe 10...
  2. HELP! Dog in coma from accidental barbiturate poisoning! Any suggestions? Information

    Dog Health Questions
    hi there, we have a dog that ate a chicken that was euthanized with a barbiturate. he is now in a coma. on oxygen, but breathing on his own. if anyone has any recommendations of remedies or stories you can share with me, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
  3. Rat problem

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a rat problem in my home and I have tried snap traps and glue traps but they dont work. I have always been reluctant to use poisons because of my dogs. Does anyone know if the rat eats the poison then comes out and one of my dogs (3 small dogs under 25 lbs and 1 husky) gets a hold of...
  4. My dog chewed an ant bait!

    Dog Health Questions
    My MIL is supposed to babysit during the day and she is "SUPPOSED" to watch my puppy too, but she has NOT done a very good job at thsi so far.. i come home todestruction, and the dog has been having alot of accidents inside.. I may need to crate her for at least half the day while I am at work...
  5. There are some pretty sick people in this world

    General Dog Forum
    So, somebody threw ant bait over the fence yesterday and when we didn't find it until this morning after the puppies had eaten it (Kodi didn't touch it, thank god). Last night they were sick and throwing up and we couldn't figure out why (they're fine now, thank goodness). Now we know and I'm...
  6. springer spanial possibly poisoned

    Dog Health Questions
    So our 5 year old springer spanial went to bed 2 nights ago looking a bit stiff, he got up the next morning, barely able to walk. he got worse later in the day, his body had almost seized and was shaking all over. we brought him to the vet and she ruled out arthritis or muscle damage, saying the...
  7. I DON'T want him to eat!

    Dog Food Forum
    We live outside the city and the eight neighborhood dogs run without restraints, including mine. My Yellow Lab has a cancer problem and the vet has him on prescription food, plus some meds in his food. Problem is that I have a neighbor that puts out uneaten people-food every night which all...
  8. Rattlesnake news - Important to be aware of

    General Dog Forum
    I got an e-mail today and thought I would pass along the information. I'm not completely clear on things 100% but what I do understand is that basically more and more rattlesnakes have begun making neurotoxins (which only 1 species of rattlesnake was known to make previously) which poses a...
  9. My dog ate grapes! I need advice!

    Dog Health Questions
    I didn't know grapes were toxic to dogs until AFTER I fed my sweet 15 wk 30 lbs english bulldog pup about 5 of them today. I researched vet info online and found out that the best thing to do is make him throw them up and eat burnt toast, which I did both, and he seems to be doing fine, but I...
  10. My dog ate grapes! Help!

    General Dog Forum
    I had NO idea grapes were toxic to dogs so I shared my grapes with my 15 week old 30 lb English Bulldog puppy today. My husband told me they were toxic so I looked it up online and it's true! I made him throw them up and I'm pretty sure they all came out in the vomit and I also made him eat...
  11. "Drop It!" People food to keep away from your dog

    Dog Health Questions
    As a paranoid new dog owner, I thought this would be a helpful thread. One of my biggest concerns was my dog getting into the pantry and feasting on the wrong things. After consulting my vet, I keep the following foods sealed away and well out of reach: Avocado Chocolate Coffee Grapes...
  12. Are Golden Rain Tree bugs toxic?!

    Dog Health Questions
    HELLO (: If anyone could answer my question, it'd be greatly appreciated. The scientific name for these small black/red insects found around golden rain/Chinese flame trees is jadera haematoloma. So, are they poisonous? If not lethal, how would it harm my dog and to what extent? :rolleyes:My...
  13. Mushrooms Everywhere!!!!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I am new here, well actually I have been reading this forum for over a month and now have decided to actually throw in a question of my own. Well lately we have had these mushrooms popping up all over the place, we went through quite a long spell without rain and then suddenly days of...