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  1. My pug puppy lived through distemper. There is still hope.

    Dog Health Questions
    I am posting this because when I was looking for hope on the internet less than a month ago, there was very little to be found. If you are searching for answers because your fur child has been diagnosed with canine distemper, I am not a veterinarian so this is only my experience, but I am here...
  2. Puppy Pneumonia - PLEASE HELP

    Dog Health Questions
    Last Thursday, December 29th, I adopted a 10 week old puppy from a humane shelter. The next day I noticed some sneezing but she was eating, drinking, and playing just fine. That following Monday morning, she woke me up with a goose-like honking cough - OF COURSE worried dog mommy freaks out and...
  3. Sick Puppy: How to Deal with the Stress

    Attention All New Members
    Hi Dog Forums, I adopted my puppy Willow (German Shepherd/Bernese Cross) about 5 weeks ago. It was going really well, had her vaccinations, hadn't taken her out to visit the park until she was immunised, was deworming her, until 11 days ago I noticed she had a cough. I took her to the vet...