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  1. My puppy cries nonstop while in his playpen or crate when I'm working

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I work at home, and I try to give my 5 month old playtimes during the day, but there are just times I need her to be in her playpen or crate so I can get some work done. If she's in my office with me, she cries and yelps nonstop. Is this just a matter of getting her used to it? Any ideas on how...
  2. Teaching a puppy to like his play pen

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a 4 month old puppy (Russian bolonka) and he is housetrained and stays in his crate all day while I am at work (dog walker comes 3x a day to walk him, feed him, etc.) and he also sleeps in his crate, which is in the living room. He does not seem to mind his crate at all. He whines a...
  3. We have a climber/jumper

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So we got our new addition the family a cavapoo we named Izzy. She is such an amazing dog and I think I researched how to care for a puppy so much that I think it hindered me. So we had her set up in a play pen with her crate inside. she did fine the first week. We let her stay out and only kept...
  4. Help! Puppy playpen/potty training advice?

    Attention All New Members
    Hello fellow doggy parents! We (my boyfriend and I) just got our 9 week old minpin puppy a playpen. Unfortunately, we found out about 4 weeks too late and were told we should have gotten him one the day we picked him up. Before we had the playpen, we allowed our puppy to roam the house freely...
  5. Transitioning from pottying on pee pads in x-pen to outside

    Dog Training Forum
    Sorry for the long novel of a post! Just wanted to make sure I included all the details! Here goes: Ever since I got my pup when he was 2 months old I've kept him in an x-pen (metal fenced playpen shaped as a suqare) with his bed, food, water, toys at one side, and 3 pee pads at the other. I...
  6. Play Pens?

    Dog Training Forum
    Good morning everyone! I just wanted an opinion on using a "play pen" inside with a puppy. My puppy can get extremely hard to control (particularly at night when he's getting tired :der:), and I was considering getting an octogonal play pen to contain him during his "run around and play" time...
  7. Maltese/Yorkie mix Jumps out of pen

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi. First post here. Got myself a 7 month old Maltese/Yorkie mix (morkie). Behaved and obedient for the most part. We take our walks and run around. He chases me. Got the basic commands down pretty well (sit, stay, down, give, leave-it, heel) on and off leash. Recently he's been escaping...