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  1. My Petique Pet

    My Petique Pet

  2. Sheltie and cat playing

    Dog Training Forum
    I have two pets: a Sheltie named Bliss and a cat named Luke. We've had Bliss since she was a puppy, and we adopted Luke earlier this year. Both animals are about a year and a half old. I've had dogs my entire life but not cats, so this is my first experience having a dog and a cat. Bliss is...
  3. Need help developing focus and motivation for difficult McNab

    Dog Training Forum
    TLDR: treats don't work, strong environmental focus, play is inconsistent motivator, starting over training from scratch. I've had boots for about 9 months now. I got her as a puppy who had been more or less locked in a horse trailer for 6 months. She's a very sweet and somewhat worried McNab...
  4. Not so interested in Fetch play

    Dog Training Forum
    I don't know if this is a phase, or she's just one of those dogs that doesn't care for fetch play (I've had at least one of those). Her prey drive is pretty strong (chases bugs and geckos without fail), and she does pretty well on the first two or three tries. But after that, even when she knows...
  5. Hi, I'm new here and to dog parks...what is the norm?

    Attention All New Members
    I'm Jesse, I have an sweet, very energetic 10 month old mixed breed rescue named Ruben. We began taking him to a local dog park a few months ago and I found myself wondering why aren't there more ideal, convenient places to take our dogs? Someplace safe, fenced and grassy? Our choices are slim...
  6. Dog play dates for a new puppy/advice

    General Dog Forum
    I recently got a new puppy, but I work M-F 6:30am-3:30pm. I was thinking that if I was able to find a doggie play date for my puppy while I was at work that would help with her sort of potty training problem? She tends to get excited and pee when she sees me. But not even that, last night we I...
  7. Face Biting & Dragging...?

    Dog Training Forum
    My fiance and I just adopted Bisou, a 20 week old 12 pound French Bulldog puppy. She's been with us for a week and a half and loves playing with Shasta, our 5 year old 35 pound shepherd mix. When they play, it's sort of rough for their size difference. Bisou climbs on Shasta's back and Shasta...
  8. All I Want to do is Play Fetch!

    Dog Training Forum
    I've read sososoo many threads on getting my puppy to play fetch with me, but she's completely 0% interested in the game. Okay... I'm selling her short. She's about 10% interested in the game. The only way I can get her to even go after the ball is if I either chase her, or race her to the...
  9. How Much Exercise Did YOUR Puppy Need?

    General Dog Forum
    I read all this stuff from googling and puppy books that up until 6 months a 30 minute walk should be so physically exhausting your puppy may give up by the end of the walk. This idea makes me laugh because at 4 months old, my puppy and I go for a 20 minute walk in the morning, 20 at lunch, and...
  10. I am in need of some advice!

    Dog Training Forum
    Okay, so my dog, Egan, has always loved other dogs. He's gone to dog parks his whole life. But, lately (like within the past six months), he's been developing some sort of distrust in other dogs. I don't know why this happened, or when it started. He's started to turn around and snap at dogs who...
  11. Winter Exercises For Your Dog

    General Dog Forum
    Today I went to the park to walk my dogs and the park was all black ice :redface:. It was a sad moment in the car for all 3 of us. I got home and I played a little tug a war with my dogs and sometimes I'll play the pointer laser. What are some other things I can do with my dog to exercise them...
  12. Will my feisty puppy be a feisty adult dog?

    General Dog Forum
    We have a 4 month old mini schnauzer female, and she's super cute, smart, quiet when she has a fake bone to chew or something... But she's feisty as well as soon as she gets to know other dogs. It's all about wrestling. We have a 4 year old mini schnauzer (male) as well, and all she knows is to...
  13. Our little kenny

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is our second dog that we have now. He can be a hand full at times but we love him.
  14. 6 month old puppy sleeps all the time

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a six month old beagle lab cross and he is a wonderful dog. The last couple of weeks I've noticed he's sleeping a lot more, spending most of the day sleeping until he has to go outside to do his business. He's not really interested in playing inside or fetch anymore either. We play tug of...
  15. Large puppy smaller adult playing - safety question

    General Dog Forum
    I haven't found any info on this situation anywhere, i.e. dogs of different sizes playing, esp large puppy with smaller adult...: We have a lab puppy, 5 months around 40 - 50 lbs and growing, and a mini aussie 6 1/2 years, around 33 lbs. They love each other, that's not an issue - But the lab...
  16. 4 Year old child/boy playing rough with my 2 year old Havanese, help!?!?

    General Dog Forum
    I have two boys, 8 and 4. 8 year old is wonderful with the dog, as expected. The 4 year old; not so much. He always is ready to play with the dog and throw her toy for fetch, but sometimes my 4 year old kicks the dog or plays rough to the point that dog is always watchful and not relaxed with...
  17. Bull Terrier Clowning

    General Dog Forum
    Hi All, I just wanted to share a cute video I put together of my bull terrier being, well, a bull terrier! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntfn69OyH1Q
  18. Rambo!!!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Rambo is a 6 month old Great Pyrenees and weights 60 lbs. This dog is going to be a beast when fully grown. Rambo is my friends dog and I bought Daisy (Sheltie) over to play with him. Daisy ran circles around Rambo and got him all tired.
  19. Please meet my best pals :)

    Dog Pictures Forum
  20. Please suggest fun activities for the dog on the leash

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I just adopted an adult stray dog. Yes, I know, that's a pretty bad statement to put in in "First Time Dog Owner" forum, but well... The dog has very few problems at the moment. He doesn't know most basic commands, like sit or come. He pulls a leash, but only a bit. But on the other side, it...