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pit bull

  1. I'm new here! Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    I've already posted a few things and delved deep into the depths of this website for the last two hours... and still I can never get enough of talking about dogs! I'm 17 years old with three years shelter volunteer experience. I have three dogs (Romeo the 14yo Chiweenie, Bonnie the 7yo pit...
  2. New Member

    Attention All New Members
    I have a 2 year old pit bull, just looking for tip for me and Biggie
  3. New here

    Attention All New Members
    Hello!! Glad to be a member! I am from BC, Ca. I have quite a houseful, with 4 human bodies, a cat that acts like a teenager, and two dogs! One is a 6yo purebred female pitbull, and the other is a 1yo Male Cane Corso mix! he is supposedly crossed with Neapolitan Mastiff, but he looks nothing...
  4. Guess my dogs breed?

    Attention All New Members
    I adopted Zeus when he was 8 weeks, the person who gave him to me said the person she got him off of said he was Pitbull Lab. Dad was supposedly pit and lab and mom was straight pit. Me and the lady both agreed he looked more pitbull German Shepherd. I've heard Rhodesian Ridgeback as well. So...
  5. Long time dog owner seeking advice

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! Happy 2017 to all. I have just returned from visiting my daughter and her family in Marshall, MI for Christmas. They had just moved into their new home and was celebrating the first Christmas there. My 40 yr old daughter is also expecting a baby in May. We had just purchased a motorhome...
  6. Resource guarding issue?

    General Dog Forum
    My 16 month female rescue APBT is very protective over my bedroom, my bed in particular. She is very territorial of our home in general to strangers, but to ANYONE who comes into my room. We will be sitting in bed and for example, my brother will come in. As soon as she hears the door she starts...
  7. Luna the American Pit Bull Terrier's thread

    Dog Pictures Forum
    :wave: This is Luna! She was rescued on her 4 month birthday from Chicago and is now 16 months! She is the most loving dog I've known. She absolutely adores children of all ages! I always joke about how she can smell a baby a mile away. She loves to give kisses and to snuggle. Her favorite toy...
  8. New member! Owner of a Pit Bull and Shar Pei/Pit Bull mix!

    Attention All New Members
    Luna, Pit Bull, blue, 1.5 years old & Winnie, Shar Pei/Pit Bull mix, fawn, 5 months old :wave:
  9. Hello! I'm new~

    Attention All New Members
    Hi guys, nice to meet you all. My name is Erica and I've seen this forum before but never signed up. We've always had dogs growing up, I can't ever remember a time there wasn't a four-legged beast running between my feet. Introducing the mutts: We currently have three dogs in the house...
  10. Some kind of hotspot on my Pit's tail that is scabbed up and bleeds.

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is 4 yrs old and he's always had this spot on his tail where the hair wasn't that thick or full. In other words he has a spot on his tail where the hair is very thin. He recently got fleas pretty bad, the worse he's ever had them, and broke out in a rash. But this thing has evolved, it's...
  11. Pictures of Lola (Pit/Border Collie?)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Not completely sure on her breed but I think maybe Pit Bull and Border Collie mix. Here is a pic of her at 3 months Now she is about 5 months(I did some touch up edits on some of these photos)
  12. The Problem With Pit Bulls - Time Article

    General Dog Forum
    Not that sensationalism of pit bull attacks isn't rampant already, but this article showed up on TIME yesterday, largely condemning pit bulls in response to the fact that a 3-year-old girl who was attacked by a pit was asked to leave a KFC. There's a small section about pit bull advocacy, but...
  13. Hello Dog Lover's

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everybody im Dogboy87 a new member to Dogforums. I would like to meet new friends and view lots of dogs from all over. I have a pit bull and his name is Sappy. He's my friend, child and my heart!
  14. My Pit Bull Comic

    General Dog Forum
    I have made a pit bull comic. After reading and seeing all this crap out there, I just get angry. I don't even own a pit, but I care about all dogs, and no breed is in a state like the pit bull. And seriously! If we just treated pit bulls like dogs we could solve this problem (with dogs in...
  15. Dog is territorial over her collar?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi. I have 5 dogs, but only three of them live with me. One of them is territorial over her collar. With people she trusts, she lets them take her collar off or pet her neck, but she get very anxious when it's off and she pushes the collar or the person until they put it back on. With new...
  16. 5 year old pit bull limps on her front leg?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 54lb 5 year old female pit bull/staffie. One evening this past september she started limping on her left front leg after playing with her dog friend in a kiddy pool. She tripped out of the pool chasing her friend so I thought she had just pulled a muscle and would be fine in the...
  17. Too Excited That You're Home!

    Attention All New Members
    My 5 year old Staffordshire terrier (recently adopted) mauls us at the door. His excitement CONSUMES him and our commands seem to fall on deaf ears. You can see through the storm door that his body is quivering, his eyes are bulging and he is breathing erratically. The nightmare of entering...
  18. introduction and a big question- Pitbull?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello all! Just joined the site and I am a new owner of a 2.5 month old puppy. He is already twenty pounds and very energetic, as expected. However, I am having a hard time accepting that he is a Pitbull. He was found in a garbage can around 2 weeks, assumed to be a pit and given to a...
  19. Counter conditioning with Goalie, the AmStaff-X

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Ohai ya'll. I said I would come back with some more pics, so here they are :D She's still a work in progress, but we're working on it, and she's whip smart so it's pretty easy :) "GIMME MEEEEEAT" -- This is also how I look during training sessions with her lol. I wear the leash around my...
  20. Pitbull reputation

    General Dog Forum
    Hi guys, as you all know, Pits has quite a bad reputation, and they are seen as aggressive kill machines, killing innocent people and other animals. I'm not too familiar with the breed, but honestly I believe that aside of its more powerful jaws and the tendency to bite and not release, which...