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pit bull mix

  1. Help with dog breed!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all! So we recently rescued this little girl. The shelter said they believed she might be GSD mix. We are unsure and are looking for some opinion and advice as to what breed she might be. We have a bigger dog who is a Rottweiler Collie mix and just want to have an idea of her potential size...
  2. Looking to adopt soon

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm looking to adopt a 5 month old Chow Chow/APBT pup and had a few questions. It is a male and I am concerned that he will begin marking his territory inside the house. He is about 35 pounds and is not fixed. I recently had two chihuahua puppies (one male and one female) that I had to get rid...
  3. 2 year old pittie dies from bloat after spayed earlier the same day

    Dog Health Questions
    A female pit Chica who we were able to pull from the euth. list and who was about to go into foster passed away from bloat overnite while boarding at unstaffed vet office. Earlier that same day she was spayed then brought back to boarding were she had been for two weeks. The vet office were she...
  4. Shenzi the Wonder Mutt

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Obviously a photo heavy post. :) This is our puppy Shenzi. We actually found her on Craigslist. A woman who was considering starting her own rescue saved Shenzi and her sister from a junkyard near to the place she worked. Shenzi and her sister were being harassed/abused by the men who owned...
  5. StubbyDog of the Week

    General Dog Forum
    This week's StubbyDog of the week belongs to one of our very own volunteers, Ann Coleman. Here is a bit of what Ann has to share about how her and Stella got together: "I really believe that Stella was fated to be my dog. I had wanted a dog for a long time and had come to the conclusion that...