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  1. General Dog Forum
    Hi, (my dogs are okay btw if anyone recognizes my user name) So, I want to get a running head start on this so i'm not stuck last minute scrambling to put greeting cards out. We live in Minnesota, every Christmas we do something a little unconventional for family pictures (think silly). We...
  2. General Dog Forum
    I've been off the site for a little bit, so I hope its okay that I start a thread. I was just wondering if any of you have dog Instagram accounts or know of the total craziness that is the dog world of Instagram. So, I just made one for Perrin (don't think I'm allowed to link it) because I was...
  3. New Member Introductions
    we got her about a week ago, and I'm all ways trying to guess her mix. The shelter said she was Dalmatian/Austrian Shepherd, I don't really believe. But I did see a Dalmatian in person when we took her to Petsmart, and they have the same head. She is lazy, but when she wants to go she will spark...
  4. Dog Pictures Forum
    1st day in the States Young Rayden One of my favorites Rayden/his dad (Morocho) a very famous Dogo Can't believe this is the same dog Is that a pig or a dog! Lol Backseat rider In the blinds He is minding my business Lizard hunter(finally seeing his muscles)
  5. Dog Pictures Forum
    Here's a few pics of my boy Red. I figured I might throw a few up in this forum and not only showcase my boy but possibly get some feedback! So what do you guys think he is?
  6. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hey Everyone, :wave: My new German Pinscher Puppy will be here next week! Not sure how the procedure goes, so if anyone knows in detail what happens it will calm my NERVES lol. I live in Lexington, KY, puppy will be shipped from Welcome, MD, through Delta. My breeder is shipping either to LEX...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello again. It appears that I need to post 3 times in this section before I can ask my question in the health section concerning my 17 year old dog. That's OK. I have a question which is fairly generic... and I need to figure out how to insert photos, which I think I did incorrectly in my last...
  8. Dog Pictures Forum
    The forums are apparently lacking a bath picture thread (apologies if there already is one, I did a search and couldn't find one), which is unacceptable. Bath pictures are the best pictures. Post yours! Here are Luna's: Bath derps! Post-bath puffiness: And post-bath zoomies!
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi there! My husband and I recently adopted a sort-of second-chance mixed/mutt/street dog. Her name is Lyra; her previous owners named after the little girl from The Golden Compass (which I love). We really love Lyra, but we're not sure if she's going to work in our house now because we have two...
  10. Dog Pictures Forum
    This is Rosco He likes to sleep And play... And play some more... What a hard life for Rosco...
  11. Dog Pictures Forum
    Some pictures of my Akita, Kuma
  12. Dog Pictures Forum
    She was found as a stray pup and she's now about 5 months old and 35 lbs. Very active and seems to be pretty intelligent. If you have any guesses as to what breed she might be, I would love to hear them.
  13. Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I am a new dog owner. I have a 11 week old boston terrier. When I got her she had little tabs on the edges of her ears. I brought her to the vet for her needles. She said she never seen it before and gave her some revolution for fleas, mites, etc. She said if it didnt get better in time...
  14. Dog Pictures Forum
    Hello, and meet Koda! We bought Koda about a week ago from the local Humane Society, and they tried to say he is a labradoodle.. I think not. I see lab in him, but is the other part Shepard, or husky? I think he's just about as cute as a button.. but what will he look like once he's grown...
  15. Dog Pictures Forum
    Before groomer: After groomer: Of course she looks like she has attitude now, but I'm so glad I can see her eyes!
  16. Dog Pictures Forum
    Upload pics! I will shortly post pics of mine :)
  17. General Dog Forum
    :wave: His name is Snow, he is now 7 months and 51 pounds. We know that he is part aussie, but the older he gets the more he looks like he is mixed with a different type of dog. He also has a german shepherd type of coat. These are pictures of him from 2 months old to now!
1-17 of 47 Results