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picky eater

  1. Dog isn't eating much

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a 9 month, 11 pound Maltipoo/yorkie mix. I took him to the vet a few months ago and he was perfectly healthy. For awhile now he hasn't been eating much food like 1/2-1 cup every other day. I changed from Purina puppy chow to Nature's select food first the puppy chicken then the adult...
  2. Puppy won't eat, doesn't seem sick just very skinny

    Dog Health Questions
    My sisters 8 month old puppy won't eat. He drinks loads of water, seems otherwise fine I.e. not lethargic, vet check up reveals nothing but he's very skinny. She's had him for about 4 weeks before that he was in a kennel for a month he hasn't been a big eater since she got him but it's getting...
  3. Picky eater

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 6 year-old boston terrier and it seems just the past year she has become an ultra picky eater and sometimes I worry she is not eating enough. I've asked my vet and he said she is physically in great health- besides potentially having separation anxiety while I am gone- that I shouldn't...
  4. Picky Eating Labrador

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, I am still a relatively new dog owner. My wife and I have had our lab for just over 3 months now and there is really only one question I have so far. Why won't my dog eat? She's 5 months old, weighs 35 lbs, and I'm currently feeding her Science Diet (Dry Puppy Large Breed)...
  5. Frustration at its limit. Help Please, my dog is very picky.

    Dog Food Forum
    My relative had a dog-food problem not to long ago and it seems that it has not gone very far. I have just about the pickiest dog when it comes to food. I have gone through at least 5 different dog food brands such as Canidae, Blue etc and I'm currently feeding chicken soup for the dog lover's...
  6. Help! Dog won't eat kibbles!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I adopted Melon, a 5 yr old mixed dog, from the shelter last week. She is the sweetest little thing ever, very attached to me already. She sits in front of my bedroom door to wait for me to wake up every morning:) i just love her so much! But! She won't eat!!!! it is so frustrating because I...