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  1. Family portraits

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, (my dogs are okay btw if anyone recognizes my user name) So, I want to get a running head start on this so i'm not stuck last minute scrambling to put greeting cards out. We live in Minnesota, every Christmas we do something a little unconventional for family pictures (think silly). We...
  2. Jada's (toy Aussie) Growing up (now 6 mos old)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    She's still a little skiddish, and untrusting, but getting better. We love her so much. Still looking for the of switch, lol. She has lots of energy. It took her a few times being exposed to the Frisbee, before she would chase it, and bring it back. I tried at about 5 mos, and she would...
  3. Chico's professional photographs

    Dog Pictures Forum
    These are from Freeze Frame Foto. They are typically located in Woodstock Ontario, but were at my local Pet Valu today taking Spring/Easter photos. A part of the proceeds were donated to local animal shelters.
  4. Pictures? Did someone say Pictures?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    here's pictures! His name is Roux and he plays Fetch Hide and Seek Robo-Walker
  5. Woooof wooof bark bark wag wag

    Attention All New Members
    Greetings, My name is Sam and our dog is Roux. (pronounced Roo). It is the only human word he knows how to say. He's a miniature black lab... ok I jest. He's a JackRussel/Whippet/Poodle cross. He's super cute and here's his picture. That's him taking a bath. Smoke break
  6. Incredible insect photographs

    Off Topic
    These are some really incredible insect photographs and videos http://www.squidoo.com/collection-of-insect-videos-and-photographs
  7. Off topic Photography Section

    Suggestions / Feedback
    I know we all have an off topic area. What I think would be cool is to have another section for off topic pictures. For our other pets, our life events, family etc. Its a great way to get to know each other and post pictures that we all love. And who doesnt love to look at pictures. What do you...
  8. Fun with Photography: Liddy

    Dog Pictures Forum
    These are some fun photos I've taken with my iPhone. Liddy is a fun model to shoot!
  9. How Photograph you dog: lesson

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi I would to share my photography lesson with you. It's a very simple step by step lesson that can help you take professional looking pictures of your 4 legged friend (or 3 -legged in my case) In this tutorial I use DSLR camera but you can use any point shoot camera instead. For point and...