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  1. PetSmart Dog Training...?

    Dog Training Forum
    I signed my 2 year old dog up for PetSmart training, her first 6 week session is almost over and she is still exactly the same. I have already trained her some, I told the trainer this before I even paid for the classes and she said my dog would still need beginner classes because she isn't...
  2. Salmon shortage?

    Dog Food Forum
    I feed my dog Simply Nourish Grain-Free, Limited-Ingredient Salmon (Petsmart brand) but they haven't had it in stock for the last 2-3 months. They mentioned other brands having issues but I don't recall which ones. It seems that it is mostly fish flavors. I started working at Tractor Supply...
  3. Never Assume Anything

    Dog Food Forum
    I just wanted to let people know about an experience I've had with Simply Nourish dog food. I've been feeding my 1 year old dog Authority brand food from Petsmart since I got him and he'd been doing just fine on it. I started him on the puppy chicken formula and then switched him onto the adult...
  4. PetSmart Doggie Day Care Evaluation?

    General Dog Forum
    So a situation has arisen where we have a last-minute need to put our pup Pixel somewhere for the day (tomorrow!), and I'm looking at day camps. The one that makes the most sense (it's on our way and has the right hours) is PetSmart's and they have an evaluation process. I just want to know how...
  5. petsmart grooming

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I took in My 8 month old puppy, Lilo, to about a month ago to get the matting behind her ears shaved and her nails clipped. Shes scared to death of nail grinders, clippers, files, etc. So I figured, "hey, petsmart knows how to deal with bratty dogs, why not?". she's never been to the groomer...
  6. So Happy: Grooming Anxiety is Gone!!

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello! I'm new here, but I wanted to share how freaking excited I am that my little Diva Bella was totally calm at her grooming session today! While initially finding a groomer for Bella, we tried a PetSmart (didn't like that this one had no windows to see the dogs & groomers, plus she...