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  1. Banggood FREE Daily Giveaway

    Hi Everyone, We are beginning a daily deal section in our forum thread, every day we well have a deal on one of our products, if you would like to see something tell us. Today we offer you Professional Pet Grooming Brush A great comb with a forum only price of 4.95. Using the coupon : 2048c1...
  2. Snoozer Santa Christmas Giveaway

    General Dog Forum
    The rules are quite simple: Santa Snoozer will be giving a few very lucky dogs a special present this year. We will be giving away 1 pet product every 4 days, through December 20th. Winners will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail. When we contact you, we will ask for your shipping address and...
  3. Prince Lorenzo from Royal Treatment

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My friend just sent me this because she knows I have kind of a crush on Lorenzo Borghese. He's the prince behind Royal Treatment pet products who was on The Bachelor, and he's doing a new show where he looks for his "princess." Not only will he marry the winner, but she'll help him run his...