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people food

  1. What do you give your dog at a barbecue?

    General Dog Forum
    I'm of the "no people food" class of dog owner. However, I get the impression that the woman who fostered Rosie before we added her to our family wasn't so careful. She claimed that she only feeds dogs appropriate food but I noticed that she was awfully free with cheese for instance. Also...
  2. The People Food Diet

    Dog Food Forum
    I met a dog that was on what his owners called "The People Food Diet". He only ate what his people ate. I went to a friends house for dinner and was surprised when they gave their dog a heaping bowl of penne with vodka sauce (topped with grated romano of course). They got very defensive when I...
  3. What's wrong with my dog?

    Dog Health Questions
    I had a dog walk up to my house the other day and decide that I was her new owner, she is a beautiful dog that is mostly yellow lab and has seemed completely healthy until today when I woke up and there was vomit everywhere. She has been throwing up a good bit today, some is food and some is...