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  1. cjmbookworm started today

    Attention All New Members
    I have just joined and am looking forward to more great info. I have 7 Pekingese and 1 Powder-puff Chinese Crested.
  2. Auriel before & after groomer visit!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Before groomer: After groomer: Of course she looks like she has attitude now, but I'm so glad I can see her eyes!
  3. Auriel the Pekingese

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Auriel is allowed on the computer desk, but not the dining room table. Since she likes to be near me, I had to pull up a chair next to me so she could sit next to me. Notice there is a pet bed next to her and she lays next to the mouse. Getting introduced to the stuffed Kong. I put peanut...
  4. Too much training at once?

    General Dog Forum
    Potty training has been going exceptionally well today. Every two hours on the odd hour starting at 9 AM we go outside to do our business! Auriel, my Pekingese pup, has gone potty every time I've taken her out. I say, "Go potty," when she does, treat her like a million bucks afterwards. All of...
  5. New Dog Owner (Pekingese)

    Attention All New Members
    My husband and I come from a long line of cat and small animal owners. I have 3 cats, my husband had always had cats as a kid, his father is a guinea pig owner (we also have 2 guinea pigs). My experiences with dogs ranged from the family Chow Chow, which we got when I was 8, and various...
  6. The groomer shaved my shitz u/pekingese mix face off

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I took my puppy wich is a shitzu / pekingese mix to the groomers today and she shaved his face completly bald. He doesn't even look like the same puppy, luckily she didn't touch his coat, she left that nice and fluffy. I don't understand why she did this and she couldn't give me an...
  7. Dolce and Ga-Bubba...not the best idea?

    Dog Health Questions
    So I have a 6 year old Peke named Bubba. We got Dolce, who is a 6 week old Toy Chihuahua. They are both males. Well we have had Bubba as a only dog for about 9 months. He was a rescue. We take Bubba with us to our friends house and they have a chihuahua rescue and have 14. He loves all of...