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  1. Excited Urination

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! I have had my dog for 9 months now she is just under a year old and I have been having problems with her peeing everywhere! It's not a house training issue in the sense that she doesn't go anywhere for no reason. She usually pees when we get home or if she gets excited or if she thinks...
  2. Peeing and pooping in the house has increased

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello - I'm new here to the forum and couldn't have come here fast enough :) Today for the first time, my dog (Jack Russell mix) pee'd on the carpet...two times. One before I took her out for her morning walk, and the second time I was about to hop in the shower and something told me to check...
  3. Need help getting our dog to pee outside!

    Dog Training Forum
    A few days ago, my roommate and I rescued a dog, a Manchester terrier mix we named Luna. She's 2 years old, very sweet, but she was a stray, so she's not house trained. We've managed to get her to poop outside, but peeing is still a big issue. The problem is that she knows to hold it when we're...
  4. fully housebroken dog suddenly peeing in house ONLY at night

    Dog Training Forum
    I have had this 20lbs terrier mix for 1 1/2 yrs, she is between 5 and 7 roughly. NEVER had any house problems (though she was a submissive urinator, we worked her through it and upped her confidence and security level). We both recently got full time jobs- no problems on her end with this Then...
  5. 13 week old female puppy peeing a lot and isn't responding to potty training

    Attention All New Members
    I have a 13 week old female goldendoodle puppy that I'm having a hard time potty training. She pees 3-4 times an hour (sometimes more) in the house unless she's in her kennel. However, she did pee in her kennel yesterday. That was the first time for that. Her kennel isn't too big, so that...
  6. Dogs peeing indoors

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey guys! This is a question my uncle sent me on Facebook: "I have a problem and was wondering if you could give me some advice.? I'm staying at my niece's house with eight people and three dogs. A Pitt, Pitt mix, and a Pug. My problem is, said dogs tend to pee in the house. sometimes after...
  7. Puppy keeps peeing on fabric

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey so finally I am actually posting on this site instead of just reading. I have a problem and I can't figure out how to fix it. I have a 4.5 month old boxer/pit/collie/mystery mix who I adopted almost 2 months ago from a really bad rescue. She came to me really sick and infested with...
  8. Training adult dog to use Outdoor porch potty product

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, My dog is a 2 year old boston terrier who is House broken really well. That is the weird problem. I have moved to a condo and can no longer walk my dog as much as i would like. I have purchased a product called the Porch Potty. It is a large box that holds a real patch of grass and that...
  9. Using Crate Like a Litter Box

    Dog Training Forum
    I adopted Deirdre, a young terrier-mix (we think she's a Westie mix) from a local no-kill in July. She's a sweetheart and will be a year in November, so she's still fairly young. We were warned she had some bathroom issues when I adopted her, but I am determined to see it through. I have been...
  10. Brittany Spaniel soiling in the house

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a brittany who is 7 years(we think) and a 9 month old lab/shepard/dane. My brittany copper has started soiling in the house, my lab rex bugs him outside and tries to get him to play but he wants nothing to do with it, so I started letting copper outside first by himself, which was working...
  11. Walking your puppy: length and peeing question... do you agree?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello! I have a little pom/unkown rescue dog, almost 3 months. He has insane energy and will go all day with no naps (although will go in his crate "and play" by himself if I have to put him in there). The one thing that tires him out (to the point where he actually naps) is walks. I am worried...
  12. My new puppy is peeing a lot!?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi I just got my now 8 week old puppy Taika about a week ago (I know she was too young at 7 weeks to be seperated from he mother but there were certain circumstances that caused me to have to take her) and I'm a little worried. I do have water available at all times and keep a close eye on her...
  13. Peeing While Playing indoors

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 10 month old shar pei/german shepherd cross that will randomly pee while playing. She will stop mid gallop to take a pee - even if she has gone out within the last hour. She is able to hold it in for very long periods of time, and it doesnt happen all the time, but I would really like...
  14. Help! Dog doing excessive peeing but no other problems!

    General Dog Forum
    My 7 yr old Golden Retreiver has been urinating (or at least squatting to urinate) numerous times on our walks. The odd thing is that she only does it in certain places, like the park and not the beach. And no problems at home...like trying to get out desperately or peeing in the house. No...
  15. 9 Month King Shepherd/Husky with a peeing problem!

    Dog Training Forum
    I have had my Zoccola for about 5 months. She pees everywhere! She knows to go outside to pee but still pees in the house! I crate her at night while I sleep and the rest of the time she is free to roam the house with her brother Vinny. I can command her to o pee on the grass and she goes...
  16. Puppy urinating and defecating in kennel and afraid of concrete

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 14 week old Hokkaido (ainu) and lab mix, he's smart, loving and social but we've been having one serious issue with him. We purchased him from a pet store here in Japan where they keep his bed, food, water, and puppy potty pad all in the same large-ish box. It's a good store that...
  17. Puppy pees when excited

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 17 week old mixed lab puppy who pees whenever excited or scared. She is perfectly kennel trained, however, whenever I go to let her out of her kennel, she pees a little because she is excited to see me. I read somewhere that I should section off the kennel if it is too large in order...
  18. puppy regressing?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    It seemed like almost to the DAY when my Wheaten Terrier puppy turned 6 months, he started regressing. We had a problem with him peeing in his crate when he was younger and then all of a sudden, just kicked it. Tonight he peed in his crate while I was at work for the first time in 2 and a half...
  19. Golden Retriever Year and a Half Old Peeing

    Dog Training Forum
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