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peeing on floor

  1. Puppy pees when excited

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 17 week old mixed lab puppy who pees whenever excited or scared. She is perfectly kennel trained, however, whenever I go to let her out of her kennel, she pees a little because she is excited to see me. I read somewhere that I should section off the kennel if it is too large in order...
  2. Pet Stains

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, So I wanted to share with everyone a product I found for removing stains. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. So, it goes without saying I have had every kind of stain you can think of. From vomit to urine, a kidney infection and lickmarks. I was getting really, really irritated, not so much by...
  3. What would cause a sudden, out of character peeing-on-the-floor incident?

    General Dog Forum
    Our 1 1/2 yo beagle has been housebroke for quite a while and has lived both inside and outside since we've had him. He's been back inside (hopefully on a permanent basis now) for over a week now and other than some separation anxiety issues (that are being successfully worked through, so far)...