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peeing inside

  1. Dog peeing on beds.

    Dog Training Forum
    So, I've recently-ish gotten an Italian Greyhound. She's just turned one. A couple of times now she's peed on my dad's bed (while having access outside). If she's allowed, she would sleep on my bed, never anyone else's, and she has never peed on my bed. She's just now peed on my (older) brothers...
  2. My new puppy is peeing a lot!?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi I just got my now 8 week old puppy Taika about a week ago (I know she was too young at 7 weeks to be seperated from he mother but there were certain circumstances that caused me to have to take her) and I'm a little worried. I do have water available at all times and keep a close eye on her...
  3. My boyfriend's behaviorally challenged dog.(Miss Pees Alot)

    General Dog Forum
    My boyfriend's dog is a very human-submissive dog(she was adopted from a shelter, and we assume she has had previous abuse, either that or she was a stray). If she catches it in the air that you're mad, she will immediately crouch and pee. Even when I go to let the dogs out (I have them sit...
  4. My fiance's dog is peeing on carpet around me.

    General Dog Forum
    My fiance's dog is over seven years old and she is house trained. She never pees in the house when I am not there. But if I come over to her house or if she comes to my house her dog will urinate in the same spot at each house. She will do it in front of me, but never in front of my fiance...
  5. Need help w/a defiant puppy

    General Dog Forum
    Hello folks, this is my first post about my first dog, & I could really use some help. I've heard people say that dogs will never do things out of spite, but that doesn't seem to be the case w/my 6 mo old mini dachsund/terrier mix. I picked him up on my way across the country & have had him...
  6. Work from home, & now puppy has not learned to "hold it" during the day

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, Here's some history: We got our puppy at 9 weeks of age on 4/8/11. He was with his littermates until then, but a rescue pup so no mommy from 5 weeks on. Since we don't know the parents, we're not sure of the breeds, but lots of German Shepherd, some Husky, maybe some Border Collie. His...
  7. Peeing inside when we are away

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi Everyone, We have a 7 yr old JRT that we rescued almost 2 years ago from our local Humane Society. He is the sweetest little guy. It took him a long time to warm up to us and our friends and still cowers when he meets strangers and needs to see them time after time to get used to them. But...
  8. Dog peeing on my bed in the middle of the night!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! I adopted a 1-1.5 year old maltese male about a month ago. At first he had a few accidents, which I chalked up to stress of the new environment. However, he has settled in quite nicely since then. There is really only one problem. In the middle of the night, he sometimes pees on my bed...
  9. Pomeranian poopin' n peein' problem...please help!

    Dog Training Forum
    Our Pomeranian was house trained. For the past few months she has taken to pooping and peeing on the carpets (she has a doggie door and can come and go as she pleases to relieve herself, play etc). Yesterday it hit an all time low. She is not a fan of going to the groomers. She was happy and...
  10. Acting Out

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I adopted my dog Bailey two weeks ago. She's about a year old, and looks like a golden retriever/chow mix. She's really friendly and eager to meet lots of people. She learns quick and seems to have a good idea of what's going on. Recently, she's started to 'act out' and I'm not sure what to do...
  11. pees in crate but is scared to pee outside!

    Dog Training Forum
    My boyfriend and I just adopted a 5-6 month old lab/terrier mix from the pound a week ago and are having a lot of trouble with housebreaking. We believe that our pup "penny" was abused before she came to us but other than that we have no information about her past. When we first got her she...
  12. Urinating problem.

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 5 year old female Malinois that over the last 3 days has started urinating on the furniture. We have never had any issues like this before. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
  13. New puppy issues

    Dog Training Forum
    This is all to be expected... Vixen is a great puppy, just 10 weeks old today. We cannot afford dog training, so we are forced to try this out on our own and hope for very good tips to come our way. Vixen has housetraining pads in the bathroom where she sleeps, since she absolutely hates her...