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peeing inside after walks

  1. Week 7 And About To Lose My Mind. Dog Will not Pee Outside!

    Dog Training Forum
    Adopted an 18 month old Maltese Male. We have him crated. From the crate we take him straight out side to relieve himself and give him the command to go to the bathroom. He just sits there very disinterested. Last week it looked like we had a break through. He did go and we praised him and...
  2. Marking! (boys will be boys)

    General Dog Forum
    Male dogs like to mark. I know this and am well aware of what can trigger marking behavior. However, this new foster is stumping me on what to do. We believe he is a Rottweiler X (probably something smaller) and about 5 years old. He is neutered (was altered later in life, probably about 3...
  3. My puppy is confusing the heck out of me...HELP!

    Attention All New Members
    so here's a little background... Chona is a mini shnauzer and was born on xmas day 2009. I got her on March 2, 2010. So I've had her for just over a month now... With the use of treats and a clicker she has learned some commands such as sit, stay, lay down, up (stand on back legs), kiss, and...