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  1. Pedigree? Yes? No?

    Dog Food Forum
    I was feeding my puppy Nature's recipe for about a month, but she always seems to have diarrhea, so thought I'd try something new. Has anyone heard of bad reviews about pedigree? I just few it to Misha today for the first time.
  2. Switching Foods

    Dog Food Forum
    I am a proud owner of a 11 week old female Saint Bernard. This is my first dog so things have been a little hectic the past few days (she has only been here about 4 days). It was recommended to me that I switch my puppy to a more natural no-grain food by our trainer. She was fed Pedigree both...
  3. Pedigree repeating and unique ancestors

    General Dog Forum
    I tool a look @ some of my pedigrees of course will have repeating ancestors. But I got to looking how many unique ancestors their were in 4 generations. I love looking at peds and was bored. This is what I got. In 4 generations there are 30 possible ancestors Numbers of unique ancestors 17...
  4. I LOVE my Dog but STOP BARKING!!!

    General Dog Forum
    Hey guys, sometimes when i'm just chillin with my dog and the slightest noise at the door; he will go crazy and start barking! :lol: however this also makes me feel good because i know that at night i can relax and sleep cuz anyone try anything i know he will alert me, heh. so i love my dog...