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  1. A new song: Time Does the Same Things...

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Hi, I'm a new member, and I'd like to share this song with my fellow dog lovers here. I so hope that it brings some comfort and soothes some hearts. This song contains the past, present and future. Sam is real; our life and love are real; our past and present are real. The particular future...
  2. Memories

    Pet Memorial Forum
    This is a thread for anyone and everyone to share stories of their passed pets. You can share funny, sad, weird stories, or anything like that. Try not to cry too much!
  3. Goodbye Nina

    Pet Memorial Forum
    Nina was my dog. She has passed. (6/17/2011) She was a very good dog. Her age was unknown, since we found her on the streets and took care of her and brought her to the vet. So I am saying goodbye to her. :( But every ending is a new beginning.