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  1. Children god.

    General Dog Forum
    So, I'm not a fan of children, but I tend to tolerate them when they are around, and try my hardest to be nice, I smile, be polite, and don't say anything, because I remember I was probably like that as a kid. Well, I really dislike children that whisper REALLY loudly about your dog, and somehow...
  2. Puppy sits or lays down and refuses to walk

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 15 week old Chihuahua/Terrier mix puppy. She keeps having issues when I walk her. She usually does great on walks but recently, she has not done so great. I have a harness for her. She will walk a ways, then just sit down or lay down. Sometimes she is looking at something (in which...
  3. Dog Parks - Obtaining info on local parks

    General Dog Forum
    Was out for an afternoon walk with Lola (my Wheaten Terrier) this past Monday here in Toronto. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm, so we strayed a little further than usual on our walk to explore a different area of the neighbourhood. Before we knew it, it was too hot out! I forgot to...
  4. An amazing poem about Dogs

    General Dog Forum
    I want to share with you a poem I wrote about our dogs and what they are like in the park... All the dogs would go to the park, hoping to meet their friends. They’d call each other by way of bark, and sniff each other’s rear ends. They’d scour the ground for yesterday’s news, to sense who’d...
  5. My pup won't pay attention to me at a dog park

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a german shepherd x labrador retriever mix (DANTE) pup who will turn 1 in a few days. He was a shelter rescue. The first two weeks, he was a shy and afraid guy. I spent lots of time with him, and took him around to dog parks and friends houses to meet other people and dogs. He would...
  6. My dog has been banned. :(

    General Dog Forum
    Yesterday our church had a picnic at a local park. Since it was at a park and not the church parking lot or church property, I figured I'd drag Zero along. He loves parks, loves people and loves when complete and total strangers feed him hamburgers they're not going to finish. Plus, a small...
  7. Dog will only poop at dog park or hold it and poop in house

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, We got a 1 year old mix from the local humane society in November 2008. Hes a year and a half now and he has literally never pooped on the leash.......ever. He pees on the leash just fine, but no poop. We had to become members of the only local dog park just so that he would poop...
  8. Dogs BANNED from New York State Park

    General Dog Forum
    Dogs BANNED from Nissequogue River State Park! Recently the Nissequogue River State Park has installed several No Pets signs in the park prohibiting leashed dogs from the entire park. We are circulating a petition asking the Park Administration to change this policy. We currently have approx...
  9. Two Black and Tan Shibas <3

    Dog Pictures Forum
    So we met Kiba from a shiba forum in the Park yesterday. Akira, Kiba and Azzaro. Kiba My favourite picture