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  1. Papillion with a few ... issues.

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a three year old Papillion who has a few little behavioral quirk I wanted to sot out as they are a pain to handle sometimes and has become a great inconvenience on some occasions. First one- Separation anxiety. She is slowly losing it (meaning it's the slightest less intense than when I...
  2. 2-year-old papillon is getting aggressive-- HELP

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and I'm here because I need help with my family's papillon who has been getting more and more aggressive lately. The problem has two parts: (1) when our dog (his name is Louie) is sitting on a couch or whatever with someone and another person comes to try and pet...
  3. Papillion pup - Won't eat please advice

    General Dog Forum
    Hi Our pup Louis is now 6 months old, until now he has been on dry food and whilst he has never been overly enthusiastic (compared to some dogs at meal times) he has ate it. I thought we needed to try a different brand, which we did but he just picks at it. Worried that he was losing weight, I...
  4. Papillion Question

    General Dog Forum
    Hi :) Our pup Louis is coming up for 5 months old (6th Nov), we got him when he was 12 weeks old and although this is our first Pap so we have never seen the "uglies", we were expecting them to come soon (because up to know, we have seen no stage we would consider the "uglies"). However over...
  5. 15 week old papillion cries all night please advise

    General Dog Forum
    Hi Our 15 week old papillion Louis, is so adorable, however after having him 2 weeks he is still not settling at night (he is in a crate in the kitchen). He literally cries from the moment we go to bed until we get up, he is never ever left alone apart from at night, unless it's in the car...
  6. Newbie - Papillion Pup

    General Dog Forum
    Hi :) We have just become the owners of an adorable 14 week old Papillion pup, the breeder told us they go through an "ugly stage", where they lose all their fur. I have looked online out of interest to see what he will look like at this stage but have been unable to find any pictures. Does...