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  1. Dachshund in pain after grooming incident. Pls advise!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, I'm at a loss on what to do. Any opinions, advice would be greatly appreciated. 6 days ago I took my 13 year old Dachshund to his regular vet for a nail trim. He hates this and fights it so they have to muzzle him while one person holds him down the other does the trim. They always...
  2. Puppy with a really big/painfully strong nipping issue

    Dog Training Forum
    I've had my puppy for a week and a half and he's getting acclimated to the house/family and people just fine. Our biggest issue is the nipping. He's teething, so I understand he has the need to chew on things, I just wish it wasn't my toes and ankles. Sometimes he'll get so excited that his...